Democrats protest Trump rally in Temple

Former President Donald Trump will make his campaign debut in Philadelphia at Temple University’s Liacouras Center On Saturday night, he can expect Philadelphians of all political persuasions to be there to greet him.

Young Republicans from the Temple community will come out in full force and will be there to support the candidate of choice and his right to speak on campus, said Billy Walker, president of the Temple University College Republicans, who formally endorsed Trump on June 14. Some club members will also take part in this event as volunteers.

They will share the muggy summer night air with protesters who plan to make clear they are unhappy with the appearance at Temple of a GOP presidential candidate who overwhelmingly supported Biden in the last election and has long preferred Democratic candidates.

Philadelphia and Temple police will cooperate on security, with city police taking charge given that it is not a Temple-sponsored event, said Jennifer Griffin, Temple’s vice president of public safety. “We are no strangers to large events across the city,” she said. “There is already a template for how to deal with this.”

She added that the city’s civil affairs department will be there to support with any protests or counter-protests that may arise. The university is mindful of First Amendment rights and will provide places for people to gather, she added. Griffin said a water station and doctors will also be on site as high temperatures are forecast.

Here’s what to expect from the protests and demonstrations against Saturday’s rally.

“Philly is Biden country.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, along with other local groups, is organizing a protest in support of and showing support for President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Bob Casey (U.S.) on Saturday. Casey will run for re-election in November against McCormick.

The protest is expected to start at 5 p.m., two hours before the official start of Trump’s event. The demonstration will consist of a march, several speakers and protesters with placards, said state Sen. Sharif Street (D., Philadelphia), who represents the district that includes Temple and chairs the state Democratic Party.

The street expects the participation of activists from Young Democrats of Philadelphia and organized labor, as well as clergy and elected officials – “a whole lot of people,” he said he said.

He added that the rally will also include people from other organizations such as Reclaim Philadelphia and Philly Democratic Socialists of America, although they do not have an official partnership with the rally.

“I want people to know there is support for [Biden]” The street said. “It’s strong, and Philadelphia is Biden country.”

In 2020, Biden received more than 603,000 votes in Philadelphia, surpassing Obama’s more than 595,900 votes. Although he won fewer votes in Philadelphia than any Democrat since John Kerry in 2004.

Booking tickets (and then no-showing)

Shortly after news of Trump’s visit to North Philadelphia broke, Temple University Democrats gathered to develop a plan to make their protest against the former president’s arrival heard, even though so many students were physically away from campus over the summer.

The club is using its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as word of mouth, to encourage members, family and friends to reserve two tickets to the rally and then not hold the reservation in the hope that many seats at the rally will open up. event.

“We want to encourage young people and students to legally and peacefully express their disdain for the former president’s visit,” said Lourdes Cardamone, a rising senior and Democratic president at Temple University.

Cardamone said it was frustrating that Trump chose to visit Temple’s campus despite the large number of students unhappy with his candidacy.

Seventy-three percent of Temple’s eligible voting students vote in the 2020 elections. The vast majority supported Biden in this election, and Trump won just 5% of the vote in precincts within a half-mile of the university’s main campus.

“We are going to give Trump the welcome he deserves, which is nothing but an auditorium filled with empty seats,” Cardamone said.

Kiosks, billboards and other billboards supporting Biden

The national Democratic Party is rolling out new ads just in time for Trump’s arrival at Temple in the form of billboards, pro-Biden kiosks praising Biden’s student policies, and a mobile billboard that will surround the campus.

The billboard, located south of I-95 on the east side of Westmoreland, will display an ad about Trump’s relationship with Black Americans. The mobile billboard will also discuss Trump’s relationship with Black Americans and mention North Philadelphia.

“Donald Trump has been a disaster for minority communities – especially black Americans. He says he’s not a racist, but his past says otherwise,” said Abhi Rahman, a DNC spokesman, noting the unemployment rate and racial wealth gap during Trump’s presidency.

Rahman also stressed the importance of the re-election of Biden and Harris in maintaining the student debt forgiveness policy.

“President Biden is pro-education, period. When it comes to communities of color and students, the president’s choice could not be clearer,” Rahman said.

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