Take a look at his record in North Philly in 2016 and 2020

On Saturday, former President Donald Trump will host his first rally in Philadelphia at Temple University. It’s an unusual location choice for Trump, who has drawn abysmal levels of support from North Philadelphia voters IN the last two presidential elections.

Trump lost Pennsylvania to President Joe Biden in 2020 by just over 1 percentage point, after winning the state in 2016 by just less than 1 percentage point. Needless to say, Pennsylvania is an extremely essential battleground for both candidates, who are neck and neck in the state.

Biden saw his support drop in 2020 compared to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 candidacy in the Temple area, but Trump was unable to capitalize on the shift. Instead, he lost 200 votes.

Citywide, Biden received more support in 2020 than Clinton did in 2016.

Trump received about 24,000 more votes in Philadelphia in 2020 than in 2016, but that only pushed him up three points due to an escalate in Democratic support for Biden over Clinton.

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