May 29: Courting black voters

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🗓️ What’s happening today. President Joe Biden AND Vice President Kamala Harris will be in Philadelphia this afternoon for a joint rally that will include, among other things, Lt. Governor Austin Davis AND Mayor Chelle Parker.

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1. Biden and Harris will take action to reach black voters despite signs of dwindling support

President Joe Biden AND Vice President Kamala Harris are targeting their re-election bid to Black voters, a key part of their 2020 winning coalition that is showing signs of falling apart.

During a Wednesday visit to the battleground state of Pennsylvania, they will launch a new outreach effort to black voters. The two will stay at Girard College, an independent boarding school in Philadelphia with mostly black students, and visit a small business to talk with members of the Black Chamber of Commerce.

The Philadelphia stops are the beginning of what the campaign describes as an eight-figure, summer-long effort to engage Black student organizations, community groups and faith-based centers.” (AP)


What the presidential polls tell us in this Memorial Day post. “As far as horse racing is concerned, we have just turned the first corner. There are still a long five months left in the race for the White House, and the poll results that seem to come out every day can be confusing and, at some point, mind-numbing.” (PoliticsPA)

John Fetterman’s fight against the left is no longer just about Israel. “Progressives have argued that Fetterman abandoned the left because of his unwavering support for Israel, but the senator in an interview earlier this year insisted that he was never a progressive in the first place.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Dave McCormick will attend the event with Moms for Liberty and Betsy DeVos. “Dave McCormick plans to speak in Nazareth on Wednesday during a ‘fireside chat’ with members of Moms for Liberty and former U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.” (Key)


2. Attorney general candidates are rebuilding campaign funds after costly primary elections

Eugene DePasquale wins Democratic primary for Pennsylvania Attorney General |  90.5 WESA

“The Democratic and Republican candidates vying to become Pennsylvania’s next attorney general had to endure a contentious primary election that drained their coffers.

With more than five months until the November election, they are rebuilding those cash reserves thanks to a wide variety of sponsors.” (PA reflector)


Lawsuit Calls for End to Disqualifications Due to Date Errors on Absentee Ballots. “A statewide coalition of nonpartisan community organizations sued Pennsylvania Secretary of State Al Schmidt and election officials in Philadelphia and Allegheny County on Tuesday, demanding an end to disqualifications of mail-in ballots due to irrelevant date errors.” (PoliticsPA)

6 state legislatures where partisan balance will be at risk in November. “More attention is being paid to state legislatures as they become the focal point of debates on abortion access, immigration, redistricting and gun control. “Both Democrats and Republicans see opportunities to change the balance of partisan control in one or both chambers this fall among several state legislatures, including Pennsylvania.” (Hill)

AP House of Representatives candidate’s parentage sparks confusion following report of husband hitting child. “The parenting style of a Republican candidate for the Pennsylvania Legislature and her husband has sparked a social media firestorm after a profile published in a British newspaper over the weekend described how he hit their child.” (PennLive)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Democrats add five candidates to Red to Blue program.

Competitors Ehasz and Stelson keep abortion policy in the spotlight of the US House of Representatives campaign • Star of the capital of Pennsylvania

“The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has designated five candidates seeking to flip Republican-held seats or hold open seats the party wants to protect to a program that provides additional assistance on the campaign trail.”

Two candidates are from Pennsylvania: Ashley Ehasz in PA-01 i Janelle Stelson in PA-10. (appeal)

  • DCCC calls Ashley Ehasz “top candidate” in congressional race against Brian Fitzpatrick. (Bucks County Courier Times)
  • Janelle Stelson elected to the National Democrats’ red-to-blue slate (PennLive)


“Status Quo” protects the nation’s 48th business tax law. “Only two states in the country prevent businesses from carrying most net operating losses into the new year: New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Twenty-five states have no upper percentage limit on the allowable amount, and another 19 meet the federal limit. In Pennsylvania, the rate is 40%. (Central Square)

Tired of Losing to ‘Fucking Ohio,’ PA Lawmakers Propose Pro-Business Tax Policy. “Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro constantly complains that he is ‘tiny and tired’ of Pennsylvania losing to ‘fucking Ohio’ on economic development.” A bipartisan group of Pennsylvania lawmakers, including Republican Paul Friel (D-Pottstown), hope proposed tax breaks for startups will spur investment. It targets net operating losses (NOLs) when deductions exceed a taxpayer’s income during the tax period. (DV Journal)


4. What do you mean

  • Harrisburg should prioritize our needs, not billionaires, for Pennsylvania’s surplus (Steve Paul)
  • Harrisburg Democrats should overcome past partisanship and approve Lifeline scholarships. (David Hardy)
  • Yes, solar energy can work in dull Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)
  • Anti-Semitism is a problem that goes beyond college campuses. (Beth Ann Rosica)
  • PA DEP is understaffed and cannot fulfill its mission of protecting our health and environment. (Rep. Greg Vitali)
  • Should Pennsylvania lawmakers vote remotely? (Grandstand overview)
1 The thing about sunset


Manhattanhenge 2024: how and where to see it – Secret New York

“Twice a year, New Yorkers and visitors can admire the phenomenon known as Manhattanhenge, when the setting sun aligns with the Manhattan street grid and disappears below the horizon surrounded by a canyon of skyscrapers.

This event is a favorite among photographers, and people often take to the sidewalks on spring and summer evenings to watch this unique sunset.

The first Manhattanhenge of the year took place on Tuesday at 8:13 p.m., with a slight change on Wednesday at 8:12 p.m. This will be repeated on July 12 and 13. (AP)

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