May 21: Reflections from the border

☀️ Hello, Tuesday. Another day closer to the weekend.

Weather in Pennsylvania
🌤️Oak | Shrinking clouds, 87
😎 Williamsport | Mostly shining, 87
☀️ Śródmieście | Mostly shining, 82

Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (34-14) | Tuesday-Thursday vs. Texas
⚾ Pirates (22-26) | Tuesday-Thursday vs. San Francisco

👂 What we hear. Democratic Majority Israel PAC, a prominent pro-Israel super PAC, supports this position Bob Casey in the Senate race and Janelle Stelson in PA-10. DMFI PAC does not announce its future spending plans, but it has a history of significant investments on behalf of its supporters.

🗓️ What’s happening today. The State House is in session and will swear in its newest member – Jeff Olsomer (R-Wayne/Pike)

🎸 Everyday Bruce. “All my elevens and sevens are coming, sixes and nines. But ever since I fell in love with you, baby, I’m coming in changing times.Throw a dice

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The best story

1. McCormick reflects on traveling to the southern border and why the bipartisan Senate border bill is flawed

“Fresh from a 24-hour trip to the southern border in Yuma, Arizona, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Dave McCormick spoke to PoliticsPA about the experience, what he saw and learned, and why Chuck Schumer the bipartisan Senate bill is flawed, and much more can be found in the wide-ranging interview.

“It was just an incredible set of experiences and data points,” McCormick said. “Two important conclusions – this is a huge failure of leadership on the part of the company President (Joe) Biden AND (Sen. Bob) Casey, who supports Biden every step of the way.” (PolitykaPA)


Vice President Kamala Harris returns to Philadelphia today. Here’s what you need to know. “Vice President Kamala Harris heads to Philadelphia on Tuesday to deliver the keynote speech at the union convention in Center City.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Warning Signs for Biden and Trump in Latest Campaign Finance Reports. “Joe Biden’s political fundraising declined in April, a potentially troubling sign for the incumbent president, who is ahead in the polls and faces challenges with the enthusiasm of his core supporters. And while former President Donald Trump’s side gained momentum after taking over the Republican National Committee, it continued to spend large sums on legal bills last month and only slightly increased campaign activities, new campaign finance reports filed late Monday show. (Policy)

Trump vows to ‘rollback’ Biden’s gun regulations, fired ATF chief at NRA rally. “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to unravel Democratic President Joe Biden’s gun regulations during a lengthy speech before the National Rifle Association on Saturday, during which he accepted the endorsement of the influential group.” (Reuters)


2. PA’s modern tourism slogan: Pennsylvania: The Great American Getaway

Governor Shapiro Launches PA: Great American Getaway Campaign

“Noting that tourism generates over $75 billion in economic impact in the Community, Governor Josh Shapiro Lackawanna County unveiled its new state tourism brand and summer travel marketing campaign on Monday.

Pennsylvania: The Great American Escape.” (PolitykaPA)


Nearly 16,000 absentee ballots were rejected in Pennsylvania in April. This may be a higher number in November. “Voting rights organizations are preparing voter education campaigns and encouraging local officials to minimize the number of ballots rejected in November after thousands of mail-in ballots failed to be counted last month.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

A guide to the Pennsylvania auditor general race. “The November general elections feature several games with statewide implications, and while most eyes are on the presidential and U.S. Senate races, the outcome of races for government offices in the commonwealth could have a significant impact on the state in the near future. ”(State of the city)

The PA House bill would make mental health training mandatory for high school athletic trainers. “The bill would require the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Pennsylvania Department of Education to review mental health resources and create curriculum for school officials.” (Penn Capital Star)

The Left’s ‘Sue-Till-Green’ Strategy Is Coming to Pennsylvania. “When climate activists use the term “environmental justice,” they mean it literally. Instead of legislating and passing laws (as is customary in a constitutional republic), they turned to the courts to fight their quixotic battles. “Pennsylvania is no stranger to litigation over climate-related policies.” (National Review)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. How a Pennsylvania county embodied the nation’s immigration divisions

City of Lancaster

Jaime Arroyo he was surprised. The 35-year-old councilor from this petite city less than two hours from Philadelphia didn’t expect such a reaction to the city ordinance. However, the backlash against Lancaster City Council’s Trust Funds Act, or “Welcome the City” Ordinance, was swift and furious.

Lancaster’s proven policy of refusing to cooperate with ICE and the stinging attack by GOP officials, including the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate, shows, on a local scale, how central an issue immigration has become in the country’s politics – even in the landlocked Atlantic state, located as far from the Mexican border as possible in the country. (HuffPost)


Jamie Walsh appeals to the Commonwealth Court over the date of the vote. “Both Republican Party candidates in the tight race for State Representative in the 117th House District currently have appeals pending in the Commonwealth Court.” (Leader of the Times)

Swarthmore College will operate off-campus for the first time since its founding in 1864. “Swarthmore College will hold an off-campus commencement for the first time since its founding in 1864 due to a pro-Palestinian encampment on Parrish Lawn where the ceremony was to be held.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

70 years after Brown v. Board Of Education, school funding represents a modern frontier in educational equity. “This month marks the 70th anniversary of perhaps the most significant U.S. Supreme Court decision of the 20th century in Brown v. Board of Education, which banned Jim Crow laws in 17 states that required the education of black and white children in separate schools. As the nation remembers Brown, Philadelphians reflect on their long and complicated history with school segregation.” (Chalkbeat Philadelphia)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. Meet Max: The Literary Doctor

An American university awards a cat an honorary doctorate;

When graduates of Vermont State University at Castleton received their diplomas last weekend, so did the tabby cat. A cat named Max receives an honorary “Doctor of the Litter” degree.

Once a feral kitten from the town of Fair Haven, Max has been living with his human mother, Ashley Dow, on Seminary Street in Castleton for the past five years. During most of these years, he ventured onto the college campus.

Up there, Dow says, Max likes to ride on students’ backpacks, pose as a subject for university photography classes, and generally provide emotional support to the campus. (The audience in Vermont)

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