June 6: Do you want to know a secret?

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Weather in Pennsylvania
🌧 DuBois | Showers, 78
☔ Berwick | Probable Precipitation, 83
🌂 Breinigsville | Mostly murky, with a chance of thunderstorms, 82

Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (44-19) | Milwaukee 2-0 | Sat-Sun vs. NY Mets (London Series)
⚾ Pirates (28-32) | Los Angeles Dodgers 10-6 | Thu vs. LA Dodgers

👂 What we hear. announcer Mike Johnson he didn’t tell the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Turner that he appointed Rep. Scott Perry to the secret panel.

🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for Representatives of Madeleine Dean AND Arvind Venkat.

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The best story

1. Johnson picks Perry for the House Intelligence Committee

Scott Perry

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced two new members of the prestigious House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday.

Rep. Scott Perry (R-10) was elected with Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) to a panel that oversees the intelligence community and access to highly sensitive information.

The House Freedom Caucus pressed Johnson to select Perry, its former leader, to the committee. As a select committee, Johnson has the ability to make his own selection, but given his precarious grip on the majority, some may see this move as a nod to the right flank of the Republican Party.” (PolitykaPA)


FAU: Presidential race too close to call; Casey has the advantage over McCormick. “The group examined three battleground states – Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin – and its results showed that the race for the White House between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is too close to include all three.” (PoliticsPA)

Trump seeks to judge young male voters in new TikTok gambit. “Donald Trump plans to post a series of short videos on TikTok aimed at young men with messages on inflation and other economic issues, two campaign advisers told Reuters, providing the first insight into the Republican presidential candidate’s 2024 strategy for the popular app. the race is intensifying.” (Reuters)

Retirement anxiety is making Biden sad in battleground states like Pennsylvania. “Overall, the data shows that the U.S. economy is doing well, and the situation tends to favor the incumbent president in an election year. But financial concerns among voters in battleground states complicate the 2024 picture.” (NBC News)

Trump’s conviction sparks an election-year debate among Democrats: How much focus should they place on the verdict? “In the battleground state of Pennsylvania, a state that could decide to take control of Congress and the presidency this fall, Democrats aren’t sure whether Trump’s criminal record even matters to voters.” (AP)

US Senate GOP prevents introduction of contraceptive access bill. “The 51-39 procedural vote required at least 60 senators to proceed, but it failed after GOP lawmakers said the measure was too broad and unnecessary. “The need for this legislation is not hypothetical,” said Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey. (Penn Capital Star)


2. F&M Poll: Perry and Stelson in a statistical tie in PA-10

Scott Perry and Janelle Stelson

“The race for the 10th Congressional District seat is statistically close, according to the latest poll from the Franklin & Marshall College Opinion Research Center.

Six-term Republican incumbent Rep. Scott Perry has a one percentage point lead over the Democratic challenger Janelle Stelson45-44%, with 11% saying they are undecided.

Before the Trump NYC verdict, Perry had a seven-point lead, 49-42%, but knowing about the jury’s decision, Stelson reversed those numbers and led 47-39%. (PolitykaPA)


A bill banning the use of handheld devices while driving signed by Shapiro. “Pennsylvania became the 29th state to enact a distracted driving ban today as Governor Josh Shapiro signed the ‘Paul Miller Act’ into law.” (PoliticsPA)

A bill to allow ready-made cocktails to be sold alongside beer, Wine, is moving through the PA Senate. “The Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday passed SB 688, sponsored by Senator Mike Regan, which would allow the sale of low alcohol by volume (ABV) ready-made (RTD) cocktails at certain retail establishments that already sell beer and wine products. ” (PennLive)

A Pennsylvania representative’s bill allows cameras in the courtroom. “State Rep. Jamie Flick wants transparency in courtrooms for general district cases and believes cameras will provide that. “Flick, a Republican, plans to introduce a bill that would allow live video and photo capture.” (WVIA)

Womer Savages of the Thompson Farm Bill. “In a Wednesday Facebook post, the Democratic congressional candidate in the 15th District sharply criticized the farm bill his current opponent is urging for a House vote.” (Indiana newspaper)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Council approves Parker’s budget plans for Philadelphia

Major Cherelle L. Parker the approach to her administration’s first city budget was to focus on investing in the popular public safety and cleaning programs she campaigned on and to avoid drama in negotiations with the City Council.

In the end, the mayor got what she wanted. (Questioner from Philadelphia)


PA County’s decision not to conduct a forensic audit of the 2020 general election is upheld. “Commonwealth Court Commission upheld Lycoming County judge’s decision that two voters were ineligible for forensic audit of November 2020 presidential election.” (PennLive)

Pittsburgh leaders unveil downtown revitalization plan ahead of NFL draft. “Pittsburgh leaders on Wednesday proposed transformations of Point State Park and Market Square as part of a revitalization plan ahead of the 2026 NFL Draft.” (Grandstand overview)

Rep. Byron Donalds faces backlash for expressing Jim Crow era nostalgia at an event in Philadelphia. “Democrats accused Donalds of praising Jim Crow-era policies. We have a recording of his speech.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

The NCAA settlement could pressure schools to pay millions to top athletes. Can Pitt keep up? “The pending settlement with the NCAA would allow colleges to spend up to $20 million annually on athlete compensation. But this victory for college athletes raises thorny questions about gender equity and the distribution of funds among athletes and programs. (Public source)


4. What do you mean

  • Honoring America’s military sacrifices on D-Day and today. (Questioner from Philadelphia)
  • Why the Supreme Court must reject Donald Trump’s argument that presidents can get away with anything (Susan Sullivan)
  • Is Pittsburgh still stronger than hate? (Selena Zito)
  • The Ship Act to Secure America’s Naval Power. (Dave McCormick)
  • Who is the real threat to democracy? (Ruth Ann Dailey)
  • Measuring Trump’s Conviction Rate in the 2024 Race (Byron York)
  • Refund to Pennsylvania taxpayers; Don’t spend more. (Colin McNickle)
  • Trump’s attempt to return to the White House defies the odds of history. (Mark Powell)
  • What volunteering as a poll worker taught me about politics. (Elizabeth Kopple)
  • Why is MGT yelling at Dr. Fauci? Can we ever debate civilly again? (Mike Kelly)
1 item

5. “As Lonely as a Man Can Be”: The True Story of D-Day Told by the Paratroopers

Editor's note: Another chance to remember D-Day with those who made it happen

“Eighty years ago, a few hours before Allied forces sent one million soldiers across the English Channel to fight Hitler’s Third Reich in Fortress Europe, American and British paratroopers painted their faces black, shaved their heads, and handed out letters to loved ones through the windows of their homes. planes and soared into the sky.

Some people will never feel the ground under their feet again. Some drowned in the flooded fields below them. One of them would shoot cigarettes out of his pants in the air. But all together they would triumph in perhaps the greatest endeavor in all of human history, defeating fascism in Europe and changing the world forever. (When the Sea Came Alive: An Oral History of D-Day)

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