June 27: It’s a night of debate

🎙️ Good Thursday morning! There will be a clash in Atlanta, where Biden and Trump will face off on the debate stage tonight.

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⚾ Phillies (53-27) | Detroit 6-2 | Thu-Sun vs. Miami
⚾ Pirates (39-41) | Cincinnati 6-1 | Friday-Sunday vs. Atlanta

🗓️ What’s happening todayThe House of Representatives and the Senate meet at 11:00.

🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for the ex Representative Conor Lamb.

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1. Pennsylvania will be on their minds when Biden and Trump debate on Thursday

President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump they have been at an impasse in Pennsylvania for months. Could Thursday’s debate allow one of the presidential candidates to come out on top?

While the entire nation listens, candidates will target the small group of undecided voters in Pennsylvania and other battleground states who will determine the outcome in November.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Campaigns prepare for Thursday’s presidential debate. “There’s no title (ATL Argument?), but Thursday’s presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump is proving to be a pivotal moment in what is shaping up to be a downturn for the White House.” (PoliticsPA)

  • How will you watch the debate? (PoliticsPA)
  • What Keystone State voters can expect from the historic presidential debate (WHY)
  • Why the debate isn’t the most important thing in the world, according to the campaigns that agreed to it. (known)

Trump and Biden are tied in Pennsylvania, but previous polls have underestimated the former president’s attractiveness“Pennsylvania is the only swing state where Biden and Trump are tied, according to a new analysis of polling data.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)

PA Latino Voters Speak Out on Immigration, Border Issues. “Hispanic American voters in Pennsylvania poll prefer President Joe Biden over former President Donald Trump on immigration by seven points (39-32%) – a difference smaller than the 19-point gap in Nevada.” (PoliticsPA)


2. McCormick’s Pro-Family Plan Include Support for In Vitro Fertilization, School Vouchers, and a Social Media Ban for Teens

Dave McCormick

“Standing in front of a sign that read, ‘Strengthening Pennsylvania Families,’ Republican Party candidate for U.S. Senate David McCormick announced his campaign’s “pro-family agenda” during a visit to Delaware County on Wednesday. He developed a plan supporting in vitro fertilization (IVF), school vouchers and social media bans for minors.

McCormick said legislation is needed to make contraception more accessible and affordable, adding that he supports giving families a $15,000 tax credit for fertility services such as in vitro fertilization. (Penn Capital-Star)


Top GOP Super PAC Senator Drops Big Ad Buys to Boost McCormick’s Pennsylvania Count. “The Senate Leadership Fund, a group with close ties to Mitch McConnell, is committing a whopping $24 million in ad buys to help Republican Dave McCormick in his attempt to unseat incumbent Bob Casey.” (POLITICIAN)

Here’s what the House Republican Party is spending money on this fall. “Thirteen of the 22 districts are held by Democrats, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee, signaling a mostly offensive stance. And more than a quarter of the total spending will be directed against five Democrats in districts that then-President Donald Trump won in 2020, including Matt Cartwright in Pennsylvania. Other top Democratic targets about whom serious objections will be raised: Reps. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania.” (POLICY)

Why Democrats Think Abortion Will Help Them Win Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick’s Seat, Even Though It Wasn’t Enough Lately“In rematch against Fitzpatrick, Ashley Ehasz focuses on the sitting president’s record on abortion.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Around the Republic

3. Games with gigantic numbers

Capitol steps in Harrisburg

“If there is one predictable thing about Pennsylvania’s annual state budget negotiations, it is that the process of developing and finalizing the state budget is completely unpredictable.

Take last year’s state budget, for example. It wasn’t until December – six months after the state’s summer budget deadline – that lawmakers and the governor finalized the last remaining parts of the budget. (City State)


Voucher Divide Hinders Education Spending in Pennsylvania Budget Talks“Although Pennsylvania’s voucher proposal targets the lowest-performing 15 percent of schools, many of which serve majority or near-majority Black and Brown students, many Black and Brown lawmakers and other representatives oppose vouchers.” (PennLive)

Philadelphia may enforce ban on casino-style arcade games in 24-hour convenience stores“It is unclear what the fate of the machines will be as state lawmakers and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court consider action on the previously unregulated industry.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

The comptroller says Allegheny County is struggling financially, as are the city and schools. “Allegheny County may not be immune to the financial turmoil rocking the balance sheets of Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh public schools, according to a report released Wednesday by County Comptroller Corey O’Connor.” (Public source)

Allentown City Council votes to sue mayor to stop “obstructing” investigation. “The Allentown City Council on Wednesday voted 6-1 to spend up to $20,000 to hire a lawyer to take legal action against Mayor Matt Tuerk to enforce the agreement and end what he describes as obstruction of justice.” (CNHI News)

Former Scranton Mayor Jim Connors Dies Suddenly at Age 77“Undoubtedly, Jim Connors loved being the center of attention. As mayor of Scranton for twelve years, his term extending through the 1990s, Connors, who died suddenly of natural causes at age 77 at home early Wednesday morning, regularly called into the radio show to convey any news or viewpoints that should have been handed over.” (WVIA)


4. What do you mean

  • By criticizing the dangers of firearms, the Surgeon General is taking a risky but necessary step to save lives. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • We cannot entrust the future of our city to you. (Ruth Ann Dailey)
  • George Washington warned us about despots who don’t like democracy. (Daniel O. Jamison)
  • CNN Turns Focus to Presidential Debate, But Will It Withstand the Heat? (Jeffrey M. McCall)
  • Republicans drew the wrong conclusions from Tuesday’s primaries. (Seth Higgins)
  • Is voting for Latinos on the table in PA? (John Hinshaw)
1 item

5. Hoagie Day 2024

Wawa Hoagie Day – Wawa Welcome America

“Philadelphia celebrates hoagies in all their glory.

Why is this important?: Welcome America’s Hoagie Day will be giving away 7 tons of free turkey sammies this afternoon.

Keeping the news: The annual event will be held in front of the National Constitution Center on Arch Street between 5th and 6th Streets. 15,000 hoagies will be available starting at noon.” (Axios Philadelphia)

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