June 24: Let’s be serious

💰 Good morning Monday. Will we receive a ready budget by the end of the week?

Weather in Pennsylvania
☀️ Geneva | Sunny, 75
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Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (51-26) | Arizona 4-1 | Monday-Wednesday vs. Detroit
⚾ Pirates (37-40) | Tampa Bay 1-3 | Monday-Wednesday vs. Cincinnati
🏒 Hershey (3-2) | Mon. v. Coachella Valley
⚽ Union (4-8-7) | Apple pie 0-2 | Sat. v. Montreal

👂 What we hear. Senior political commentator for CNN Dawid Urbanone of the most prominent pro-Trump voices on cable news becomes an advisor to Torridon Law, founded by former Trump officials William Barr AND Pat Cipollone. Urban remains managing director of the BGR Group.

🗓️ What’s happening today. The House convenes for a vote at noon and the Senate at 2 p.m

🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for Representative Joe Hohenstein.

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The best story

1. Trump is rallying in North Philadelphia, trying to win over voters in Pennsylvania’s bluest large city

“Ex-president Donald Trump on Saturday, he stood in the heart of North Philadelphia and portrayed the period as a “crazy time” in the city, claiming violent crime was on the rise and vowing to send in federal law enforcement if elected.

In an 85-minute speech that included repeated appeals to Latino and Black voters, he called his rivals “despicable,” proposed the creation of a migrant fighting league, falsely claimed to have won the city of Philadelphia in the previous election and described President Joe Biden term in dark terms.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)


Trump highlights McCormick’s Pennsylvania roots amid criticism of the Connecticut residence. “By introducing Dave McCormick, former President Donald Trump went to great lengths to draw attention to the GOP’s bona fide Senate candidate in Pennsylvania amid criticism of his Connecticut residence.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

  • Trump supports the Ten Commandments in schools and meets with David McCormick in Philadelphia. (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
  • Trump in Philadelphia: Former President Repeats False Claims About 2020 Voter Fraud (Penn Capital Star)

Biden and allied Republicans are trying to lure GOP women in swing-state suburbs away from Trump. “Thirty miles north of Philadelphia, upscale neighborhoods like Colonial Commons are punctuated by dairy farms, centuries-old stone roadside homes, and the winding Neshaminy Bay that flows between Doylestown and Newtown. Both towns were once rural outposts that have evolved into trendy shopping, dining and retail hubs. This is one of the most closely watched areas of American politics.” (AP)

Jill Biden argues that AP women support her husband’s re-election campaign. “First lady Dr. Jill Biden came to Lancaster County on Sunday and made her case for why Pennsylvania women should come out and vote for her husband, President Joe Biden.” (PoliticsPA)


2. Credit card swipe fees could drop under fresh PA bill, but banks hate the idea

Saying goodbye to card swiping: Mastercard to begin phasing out magnetic stripes in 2024 - MarketWatch

“A bill that seeks to slightly reduce credit card swipe fees is moving quickly through the Pennsylvania House. But it faces major difficulties in the state Senate and attracts fierce opposition from banks and credit unions.

Financial institutions say the current system works well and changing it would cause “chaos”, while traders say these fees place an undue burden on both them and their customers. (PA reflector)


Pennsylvania’s budget deadline is June 30. These issues can be points of contention. “Questions about education, income tax and recreational offenses remain unresolved as the June 30 deadline for Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro’s second budget proposal approaches.” (USA Today Network)

The issue of repairing or replacing old PA school buildings remains a state budget issue. “The infrastructure issue is tied to the outcome of the Democrat-led proposal to massively increase K-12 education spending by more than $1 billion, which was prompted by a court finding that the current K-12 education funding system is unconstitutional. This proposal has already been approved by the House.” (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

Rural hospitals are asking for financial assistance as PA budget season progresses. “Hospital leaders hope to increase Pennsylvania’s future budget to stabilize operations in rural areas and improve access to maternity and neonatal care for approximately 3.1 million residents of rural communities.” (CNHI News)

Joint session of Congress at Independence Hall proposed to commemorate the nation’s 250th anniversary. “U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle will propose a bill next week to hold a commemorative joint session of Congress at Independence National Historical Park in 2026 as part of the nation’s 250th anniversary celebration. If the bill passes, it would be only the third time a joint session of Congress has been held outside Washington since the capital was moved there from Philadelphia in 1800. (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. ‘Too Many Old People’: A rural Pennsylvania town struggles with population loss

The fun continues at the Sheffield Firemen's Festival - yourdailylocal.com

Lee Goldthwaite may have the most stable job in this remote corner of northwestern Pennsylvania.

A Sheffield cemetery caretaker is busier than ever directing crews clearing trees to make room for more graves as deaths dramatically outnumber births here and across America’s other vast swaths of rural America. Each time he buries a newly deceased resident, he wonders how a town that once attracted dozens of young families will survive.

“We’ve already lost our bank,” Goldthwaite said, taking a break from trimming the grass around the headstones. “We lost the liquor store and we may soon lose the high school.” (Washington Post Office)


Groundbreaking for a fresh structure replacing a Pittsburgh synagogue that was the target of a mass shooting in 2018.. “The Second Mr. Douglas Emhoff and Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro were among dignitaries commemorating groundbreaking Sunday for the construction of a new structure to replace the Tree of Life Synagogue, where 11 worshipers were murdered in 2018 in the deadliest act of anti-Semitism in U.S. history.” (AP)

How ‘dim money’ fueled the 2023 Allegheny County executive race. “To this day, donors to the nonprofit organization Save Allegheny County remain hidden behind murky corporate filings, complex tax rules and a campaign finance system that shields donors’ names at a time when most Americans consider transparency a fundamental election security.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

A teenage campaign manager working on a former teacher’s candidacy for Congress in PA-06. “A few years ago, eighteen-year-old Lucca Ruggieri made headlines when he started a survey company while still in high school. Ruggieri, who will vote in his first presidential election this fall, is now leading his former teacher’s campaign for Congress as he begins college in the fall.” (Penn Capital Star)

Pennsylvania school district taxes expected to boost by almost 5%. “Property taxes collected by school districts are a major source of revenue for schools and, in some places, place a heavy burden on local residents. This is expected to grow even more in the near future.” (Central Square)


4. What do you mean

1 Thing in dodgeball

5. Go balls deep

Re:View|  Dodgeball: a true underdog story |  Theology of the world of drums

“Twenty years ago last week it was a first-time director and a mostly green group of actors Vince Vaughn AND Ben Stiller introduced the world to the five Ds of dodgeball. In doing so, they defied box office expectations, revitalized a dying sport, and left a cultural mark that still resonates today.

Rawson Marshall Thurber for some time he was based on the pet theory.

“When you say ‘dodgeball’ to someone, they will either smile or sweat,” says the director.

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