June 18: Biden’s immigration move

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👂 What we hear. “We don’t have to agree on everything; healthy debate is good for democracy. “What is not good for democracy is the hundreds of millions of dollars of untraceable money flowing into these debates.” – TJ Rooney and Alan Novak

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1. Half a million immigrants could eventually become U.S. citizens under Biden’s modern plan

President Joe Biden is taking an expansive election-year step to provide aid to potentially hundreds of thousands of immigrants without legal status in the U.S. — aimed at offsetting its own aggressive crackdown at the border earlier this month that enraged supporters and many Democratic lawmakers.

The White House announced Tuesday that in the coming months, the Biden administration will allow some spouses of U.S. citizens without legal status to apply for permanent residency and, ultimately, citizenship. According to senior administration officials, this move could affect more than half a million immigrants.” (AP)


Biden vs. Trump remains close, so next week’s debate gives them a chance. “The presidential election remains broadly close as President Biden and former President Donald Trump prepare for their first televised debate next week.” (WVIA)

Cutler claims Democrats overcharged taxpayers for two Biden campaign events on Capitol Hill. “Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler accused the state Department of General Services of spending taxpayer dollars on two President Joe Biden re-election campaign events at the Capitol this month.” (LNP)


2. A bipartisan bill hopes to legalize marijuana in Pennsylvania

Recreational marijuana

“Is recreational marijuana coming to your area soon?

If a pair of Pennsylvania lawmakers have their way, the answer is yes. (PolitykaPA)

  • Maryland Governor Wes Moore signs pardon orders for over 175,000 people with marijuana convictions. (AP)


The PA school voucher debate is back. This is where the controversial program stands. “And this year’s controversy, thanks to input from Pennsylvania lawmakers and celebrities including billionaire rapper Jay-Z, is heating up quickly.” (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

Pennsylvania Education Reform Summary. “Both legislative chambers left town this week after making sweeping education reforms that will likely be included – in some form – in the state budget on June 30. While the plans aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, Senate and House leaders are. Ideological conflict will come down to estimated return on investment.” (Central Square)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Guide

Dave Sunday, Eugene DePasquale

“The November general elections feature several games with statewide implications, and while most eyes are on the presidential and U.S. Senate races, the outcome of races for government offices in the commonwealth could have a significant impact on the state in the near future.

Party candidates for attorney general – former Controller General of the Democratic Party Eugene DePasquale and Republican York County District Attorney Dave’s Sunday – they entered the primaries in April with relative ease. Now, less than six months before Election Day, both candidates are looking to stand out and gain the broad support needed to win statewide. ”(State of the city)


This controversial couple from Montco wants to repopulate the Earth and get elected to the House of Representatives. “Republican Simone Collins is running an unorthodox campaign against state Rep. Joe Webster, a Democrat from Montgomery County.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Vote-tracking technology is becoming increasingly popular across the United States; Could this work in Lancaster County? “An independent experiment led by the LNP | In April, LancasterOnline also found several unexplained delays in the Postal Service’s processing of packages. Two of 62 ballot-sized samples of first-class mail – one sent from each post office in the county – arrived at post office boxes in downtown Lancaster after 12 days.” (LNP)

There may be changes to Philadelphia’s tax structure. “But while there is much criticism, there is no consensus on how the city should transform its overall tax structure in a way that maintains the revenue needed for city services.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

The Government Research Commission may begin reviewing the County Charter this week. “The commission has nine months from convening in May to complete a review of the county’s form of government as outlined in the state’s Home Rule Manual.” (The voice of the citizens of Wilkes-Barre)

Former PNC Bank CEO Sylvan M. “Sy” Holzer remembered for his philanthropy and love of Pittsburgh. “Holzer, known for his civic leadership and philanthropy, was president of PNC from 1997 until his retirement in late 2016. He worked at the bank for 45 years.” (Grandstand overview)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. Weinstein Miss Pennsylvania

Miss Pennsylvania 2024 and the winners crowned in photo 1

“Meet the new Miss Pennsylvania.

Weinstein’s websiteOn June 15, at the Appell Center for the Performing Arts in York, she was crowned Miss Pennsylvania 2024, formerly Miss Greater Pittsburgh.

Weinstein, 26, is a flight attendant living in Pittsburgh and training for her pilot’s license. Her advocacy work focuses on disability access and social inclusion.” (PennLive)

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