June 14: Protest vote in PA-10

🇺🇲 Happy Flag Day. And elated Father’s Day to those who celebrate.

Weather in Pennsylvania
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Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (46-22) | Boston 3-9 | Friday-Sunday vs. Baltimore
⚾ Pirates (32-36) | St.Louis 3-4 | Friday-Sunday vs. Colorado
🏒 Hershey | Friday and Sunday vs. Coachella Valley (Calder Cup Final, Game 1)
⚽ Union (4-8-4) | Saturday vs. Inter Miami

👂 What we hear. “If we can strongly motivate people to vote against Perry, they may well decide they can’t vote for Trump at the same time. We just need to give them an entitlement structure, tell them that other Republicans are doing it and that they won’t become progressive Democrats by casting that vote.” – Craig Snyder

🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for the former President Donald Trump, Representative Mike ArmaniniAND Representative John Lawrence (Saturday).

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The best story

1. How some Pennsylvania Republicans are using the congressional race to protest GOP extremism

“In south-central Pennsylvania, the NewsHour met with GOP voters ready to provide comments on their party’s direction. Their focus? The race for the 10th Congressional District.

During an election year, it’s not uncommon for a group of local Republicans to come together. But these Republicans are coming together to help elect a Democrat.” (PBS News Hour)


Republicans vent fury over Speaker Scott Perry’s elevation: ‘There’s not just one group that can threaten them’ “Frustration is growing among rank-and-file House Republicans over leadership’s practice of trying to appease critics with plum poles and other perks. The latest example: Speaker Mike Johnson’s nomination of Rep. Scott Perry to the prestigious House Intelligence Committee. ”(Policy)

Marist: Trump Has Slight Lead Over Biden in Pennsylvania; Casey leads McCormick in the Senate race. “Former President Donald Trump has a slight lead over President Joe Biden, a recent Marist College Pennsylvania poll shows, although the gap remains within the margin of error.” (PoliticsPA)

Could Trump’s rising AP polls aid McCormick rise to the top?. “The bottom line is that in the weeks after he was convicted of the crime in a Manhattan court, Trump’s lead over Biden grew to a 2.3 percent lead. On Thursday, the University of Virginia Policy Center moved Pennsylvania from the “skinny Democrat” category to the “reject” category. And it’s not just about the presidential race.” (DV Journal)

Bresnahan appears to question the validity of Matt Cartwright’s 2022 victory. “Rob Bresnahan shared misinformation about his opponent’s 2022 election victory, seemingly blaming it on a lack of paper ballots, even though officials said the shortage had no impact on the election outcome.” (Key)


2. Mifepristone Ruling, DCCC Poll Shows Abortion Takes Central in PA-01

Supreme Court

“The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a challenge to the abortion pill Mifepristone, meaning the widely used drug can remain widely available.

The debate over reproductive rights continues to revolve around Pennsylvania’s decisions in the 2024 general election. A Gallup poll shows a record-high 32 percent of U.S. voters say they would only vote for a primary candidate who shared their views on abortion.

This is evident in the 1st Congressional District race in between Ashley Ehasz AND Representative Brian Fitzpatrick” (PolitykaPA)


A bill protecting contraception in PA goes to the House of Representatives. “Legislation protecting access to contraceptives and requiring insurance passed a Pennsylvania House committee this week with unanimous support.” (New news about the castle)

Fundraising in the Pennsylvania Senate and House races points to a dogfight in the general election. “While the sums involved in state legislative races do not compare to the fight for the White House, the stakes are high in Harrisburg. Democrats have a one-seat majority in the House, so any race could take control of the chamber. The gap is wider in the state Senate, but the two key battlegrounds are right here in Allegheny County.” (WESA policy)

Social media company Rumble clashes with AP Democrats over anti-Semitism, defamation allegations. “One side claims that Rumble incites anti-Semitism. The second responds that Pennsylvania Democrats are using defamatory and false rhetoric in criticizing the company.” (Grandstand overview)

Inadequate funding for public defenders in Pennsylvania is unconstitutional, says ACLU Suit. “Public defenders in Pennsylvania are so underfunded and overburdened that the Commonwealth violates the constitutional rights of more than 100,000 criminal defendants each year, the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday.” (Penn Capital Star)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Proposal to eliminate sales tax fees on credit cards Progressing in the PA House

Understanding Assessment Fees |  Merchant Maverick

“The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Committee on Finance advanced a bill this week that would prohibit charging fees for credit and debit card transactions from sales tax – a somewhat arcane financial issue that has generated significant opposition from banks and loan processors.

There is a clear divide on this issue: on the one hand, retailers who pay fees for electronic transactions – known as interchange fees – and banks and card processors who collect them – on the other.

The bill would prohibit the collection of interchange fees on the tax portion of a sale or require the repayment of those fees, if any.” (PennLive)


Fetterman had speeding tickets and episodes of distracted driving before the car accident. “One person stated that one violation in March required the senator to take a driver improvement course.” (Washington Post Office)

  • Fetterman’s latest accident exposes a spotty driving record. (PennLive)

The Republican Party (GOP) rallied against statehood in favor of Puerto Rico. Except when they’re courting Latino voters. “At the Trump campaign office opening in Reading this week, the topic was not broached until reporters asked.” (Penn Capital Star)

  • AP GOP blocks reporter from opening Trump campaign office in Lancaster County. (LNP)

4. What do you mean

  • PA-GOP lawmakers who booed Capitol Police officers were actually showing their contempt for democracy. (Jenice Armstrong)
  • Election officials are heroes. Support them by becoming a poll worker. (Carah Whaley)
  • Josh Shapiro plays center and satisfies the left side. (Charles Mitchell)
  • The legislator should reject a different tax rate for “skill games”. (Ed Rendell)
  • Too many Pennsylvania pharmacies are closing due to PBMs. (Chris Antypas)
  • Feminist victory – men gain rights to women’s toilets. (Beth Ann Rosica)
  • The great debate about school vouchers. (Larry Platt)
  • Federal regulations threaten Pa.’s hydrogen future. (Łukasz Bernstein)
1 item

5. Thank you – the old-fashioned way

Lakeville, Massachusetts, class president delivers the most spectacular end of the school year speech

Emilia Post he would be proud.

The Massachusetts high school class president who delivered the commencement speech wanted to thank all of his classmates. So he wrote a personal thank you note to them, presented during the ceremony – 180 to be exact.

“I wish I could thank you all, but there just wasn’t enough time.” Mason Macuch Lakeville said in his June 7 speech. Instead, I want you to reach under your chairs where you will find a personal note I wrote to each of you to say my final goodbyes and thank you for making these years that will soon be the ‘good elderly days.’” (AP)

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