July 11: Biden’s Defense

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🗓️ What’s happening todayBoth the House of Representatives and the Senate meet at 10am.

👂 What do we hearNRCC Launches New Digital Advertising Campaign Targeting, Among Other Targets: Representative Susan Wild accusing her of witnessing “Biden’s mental disabilities up close” and engaging in a cover-up that the ads are calling the “scandal of the century.”

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The best story

1. Fetterman Leads Post-Debate Attack on Biden’s Keeping on Democratic Ticket

“How President Joe Biden He campaigned in Pennsylvania last weekend, US Senator John Fetterman was at his side.

“If you ever find yourself in a foxhole, you want him there,” Biden said of Fetterman during the president’s visit to Philadelphia on Sunday.

While other Democrats are calling on Mr. Biden to end his campaign or are concerned about his chances of winning in November because of his age, Mr. Fetterman has emerged as the president’s most outspoken and staunch defender on Capitol Hill.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Remington: Casey’s lead shrinks, Trump’s lead over Biden grows. “Is President Joe Biden dragging down the Democratic candidates? That’s the question after the president’s disastrous performance in the June 27 debate. And a look at the U.S. Senate race in Pennsylvania may provide the answer.” (PoliticsPA)

As GOP grapples with reproductive rights message, McCormick proposes IVF tax credit. Is it doable? “Republicans have consistently opposed Democratic policies aimed at protecting access to in vitro fertilization and contraception. McCormick’s proposal represents a new approach to reproductive health for the GOP.” (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)

‘No Substantial Change’ in Biden, Trump Support After First Debate: Report“Despite widespread polls and media reports that President Joe Biden lost ground to former President Donald Trump after their first debate, a new report claims there was no discernible movement in the race.” (PennLive)

Our presidential candidates have never been older. You can thank the Founding Fathers“The Founding Fathers certainly thought about presidential age centuries ago: It is written into Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, which requires, among other things, that a president be at least 35 years old. But while there is an age limit for taking office, there has never been a rule about the age of the president.” (WQLN)


2. Public education advocates: PA budget deal must include school funding plan, or we’ll be back in court

Public education advocates who successfully argued in a landmark case that Pennsylvania discriminates against poor and wealthy school districts were concerned Wednesday that a budget plan being negotiated by lawmakers will not solve the state’s school funding problems.

Governor Josh ShapiroHouse Democrats and Senate Republicans have been working on a final agreement on the state budget, including how much more money to spend to adequately fund Pennsylvania’s public schools, how that money should be distributed and whether it should include a multiyear commitment to increase funding each year. The budget was due by July 1, and lawmakers have said for days that they are close to an agreement, although no budget bills have yet been released. (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)


PA lawmakers and Gov. Shapiro believe budget deal is in sight“State lawmakers left the Capitol on Wednesday with widespread confidence that an end to the state’s closed-door budget negotiations is in sight, with a spokesman for Gov. Josh Shapiro saying “we are very close to getting this thing done.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

  • Pennsylvania legislative leaders say state budget negotiations are productive but ongoing. (Penn Capital-Star)
  • Negotiations continue, but Pennsylvania’s budget remains uncertain. (CNHI News)

Senate Committee Subpoenas Revenue Secretary Browne for Allentown Tax Information“The Senate Intergovernmental Operations Committee voted to subpoena one of Gov. Josh Shapiro’s cabinet officials – Treasury Secretary Pat Browne – for tax information on the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone.” (PoliticsPA)

To certify election results on time, PA wants to set new deadlines for legal challenges“In a bipartisan effort to avert a potential crisis in certifying November’s election results, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a bill that would solidify timelines for resolving post-election legal battles and prevent delays in finalizing the state’s electoral votes.” (Vote)

PA Renews Voter Registration and Election Management Systems Modernization Plan“After a multi-year delay, the state is back on track to upgrade several software systems that manage election data, such as voter registrations, election night reports and campaign finance data.” (WITF)

Around the Commonwealth of Nations

3. Secret bank accounts, $1 million deficit plagues city as official corruption case repeatedly delayed

Former DuBois City Manager Herm Suplizio Arrested on Fraud and Conspiracy Charges - exploreJefferson

A federal judge has repeatedly postponed trials for a former public official accused of corruption as the Pennsylvania city he once ran and allegedly defrauded grapples with the fallout and a nearly $1 million budget shortfall.

Last November, federal authorities charged Mr. Suplizioformer city manager DuBois and his former secretary, Robert Shafferwith criminal conspiracy and theft of a federal program. The case — which was brought by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office — has largely gone cold since then.” (PA reflector)


Trump to visit Butler County Saturday ahead of Republican National Convention. “Next to the Butler Farm Show complex is a merchandise stand selling hats, magnets, flags, bumper stickers and even jewelry supporting former President Donald Trump. The stand, run by Trump activists, is being prepared for Saturday, when Trump will hold a rally in Butler — just two days before the Republican National Convention opens in Milwaukee.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)

State laws are driving up health care costs, experts say“Pennsylvania’s high health care costs and per capita spending have increased by nearly 30 percent in a decade. Finding a way to lower these costs while improving access to them is a heavy burden for policymakers and researchers.” (Central Square)

Mayor Parker Doubles Down on Philadelphia’s Office Worker Return Order. “Union leaders say some workers are ready to walk because of the order. Parker remains firm, saying the decision “was not made lightly.”” (WHY)

Jamie Walsh appeals two provisional votes to Pennsylvania Supreme Court. “Walsh challenges the Commonwealth Court’s decision to grant Mike Cabell’s appeal to count the vote cast by Cabell’s cousin, Shane O’Donnell, in Butler Township and to reject the vote cast by Timothy J. Wagner, a Lake Township voter.” (Leader of the times)


4. What do you mean

  • The Legislature has once again missed its budget deadline, leaving vulnerable Pennsylvanians to face the consequences. (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)
  • The Supreme Court rulings in the Trump case misinterpret the Constitution. (David French)
  • Voting and its impact on the selection of newborn candidates. (Maggie’s Day)
  • Joe Biden’s Situation: Hope Is Not a Strategy. (David Winston)
  • When it comes to abortion rights in Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court to watch is not the one in Washington. (Joe Khan)
1 thing

5. Costco raises membership fees

Costco restricts sharing of membership cards

Costco raises membership fees for first time since 2017.

Why it matters: The wholesale club has kept its fees steady despite inflation, trying to maintain its reputation for value. Gold Star and business membership fees will escalate from $60 to $65 on Sept. 1.

Annual membership fees for Executive Associations, which include the 2% reward on purchases, will escalate by $10 from $120 to $130.” (Axial)

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