Donald Trump stops at Tony & Nick’s before a rally in Philadelphia

Official records are insufficient, but on a balmy Saturday, Donald J. Trump may have become the first presumptive presidential candidate in American history to buy cheesesteaks from three different South Philadelphia suppliers.

Perhaps that’s not too surprising, given that the stakes – that is, the stakes – are so high in Pennsylvania in presidential campaigns.

On his way to Saturday’s rally at Temple University, Trump chose Tony & Nick’s on Oregon Avenue in South Philadelphia for a steak break.

This is the original location of Tony Luke’s, which has been in operation for 30 years, but the name was changed to Tony & Nick’s after a family feud that inspired an IRS tax fraud case.

Last year, Trump made an arranged visit to Pat’s King of Steaks after missing the Moms for Liberty summit. There, he was joined by members of Moms for Liberty, as well as the Federation of Black Conservatives.

Pat’s, of course, is a longtime neighbor and rival of Geno’s, and perhaps the Republican candidate wanted to make sure he had his base covered.

Geno’s happened to be his choice during the 2016 campaign.

Geno’s was the subject of controversy two decades ago when owner Joey Vento, who died in 2011, posted a sign insisting that customers order in English.

As for Saturday, it was unclear whether Trump ordered the steak “with” or “without.”

Consuming (or at least purchasing) Philly cheesesteaks has become a staple of presidential politics, and that likely has everything to do with the electoral value of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which was a hit in the last election.

(And when was the last time you heard of candidates ordering a New Jersey pork bun?)

When he was a candidate, Democrat Barack Obama visited South Philadelphia in April 2008, but begged to eat a cheesesteak. He returned in 2010 as President Obama and bought one at the Reading Terminal Market.

Perhaps the most notable cheesesteak campaign came in 2002, when Senator John Kerry had the audacity to order one with heretical Swiss cheese at Pat’s.

Our food critic Craig Laban wrote, “The Massachusetts Democrat might as well have asked for cave-aged Appenzeller.”

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