April 30: How far would he go?

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What’s happening today. The AP House meets at 11 a.m., the Senate at 1 p.m

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The best story

1. How far Trump will go

Donald Trump he believes he has identified the fundamental mistake of his first term: he was too nice.

From two interviews with Trump and conversations with a dozen of his closest advisers and confidants emerged the outlines of an imperial presidency that would transform America and its role in the world.

“Trump will enter his second term with the support of a slew of political workshops staffed by loyalists who have developed detailed plans for his agenda, which would concentrate state power in the hands of a man whose appetite for power seems almost insatiable.” (TIME)


Trump leads Biden in seven key Swing State polls. “New Emerson College Polling/The Hill polls show President Biden ahead of former President Trump in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin; differences are within the margin of error of each study.” (Emerson/Wzgórze)

Summer Lee, a member of the Pennsylvania “squad” who met the main challenge. “One up-and-coming member of Congress scored a big victory on April 23: Summer Lee, a Democratic representative from Pennsylvania, won her primary challenge against Edgewood City Council member Bhavini Patel. A member of the progressive “squad” of Congress, Lee will face Republican James Hayes in the November general election. (Week)

  • The U.S. House of Representatives will vote on Lee’s measure regarding abandoned gas and oil wells. (WESA)

Democrats entered the Senate race in Pennsylvania. “While Democrats play defense in this year’s U.S. Senate races, two incumbents in a battleground state are starting to excel in their re-election campaigns. Bob Casey in Pennsylvania and Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin currently lead their lesser-known Republican rivals by seven points. (CBS News)

Republicans set aside about 26% of PA mail-in votes despite Trump’s attacks — and the GOP is happy. “Donald Trump falsely claimed that mail-in ballots lead to voter fraud. Party leaders are currently working to change this perception and hope this will increase turnout in November.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Rep. Kelly’s car dealership received money for solar panels that he voted against in Congress. “A car dealership owned by family members of U.S. Sen. Mike Kelly of Butler is the recipient of a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture for nearly $315,000 to install enough solar panels to power 25 homes.” (Erie Times-News)


2. Thirteen disputed Luzerne County ballots hang in the balance

    Luzerne County Acting Elections Director Emily Cook, foreground, left, and deputy solicitors Gene Molino and Paula Radick wait for Monday's evaluation of ballots by members of the county board of elections, from left: Rick Morelli, Vice Chair Alyssa Fusaro, chairwoman Denise Williams and Daniel Schramm.

“Thirteen Luzerne County provisional votes hang in the balance in a tight Republican primary race for state representative in the 117th District, and it is still unclear whether they can be opened and counted.

At this stage, the two party candidates are separated by five votes – Jamie Walshwith 4,727 votes and incumbent Mike Cabellwhich has 4722.

The 13 contested votes will be resolved in a publicly announced hearing that must be held within seven days before the five-citizen, bipartisan Board of Elections. Voters who returned disputed ballots must be notified of the hearing so they can exercise their right to speak on their behalf.” (Leader of the Times)


Playing with Maps III: How McClelland Dealt with Anxiety. “Of all the results of last Tuesday night’s primary election, the biggest surprise may have been the Democratic race for state treasurer.” (PoliticsPA)

Amen Brown declares victory in the AP Democratic primary for the 10th district. “State Rep. Amen Brown on Monday declared victory over his Democratic primary challenger Cass Green by an incredibly narrow margin, six days after the primary election.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Calendar of the General Meeting. “Here are the meeting dates for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate through the end of the fiscal year.” (PoliticsPA)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. AP Senate Republicans Present Alternative to Shapiro’s Higher Education Funding Proposal

Robber Connections |  Millersville University

“The Senate Education Committee met Monday to discuss proposals put forward by Senate Republicans to address problems in the state’s higher education system, such as declining affordability and enrollment.

The package of laws is largely a response to Governor Josh Shapiro proposals to solve similar fundamental problems by different means. As it currently stands, Pennsylvania ranks last among U.S. states in higher education affordability and higher education funding per student.

The Republican bill package would increase funding for student grants and scholarships by both expanding existing scholarship programs and creating new ones. Funds would also be targeted at in-state and out-of-state students pursuing high-demand careers in Pennsylvania, such as teaching, health care, agriculture and law enforcement. ”(Penn Capital Star)


AP’s education chief considers vouchers, higher education reform and stipends for student teachers. “Pennsylvania Secretary of Education Khalid Mumin has come a long way from being a “troubled student” who had to repeat ninth grade. Now, with several degrees under his belt, Mumin takes the helm of the agency at a time when key issues abound in this year’s budget discussions.” (PennLive)

Local sales tax would boost essential services and ease property taxes: Legislature. “Pennsylvania lawmakers include a 1% addition to the state sales tax as a potential revenue solution for cash-strapped communities with a large number of tax-exempt properties.” (CNHI News)

ACLU sues Butler County over claims of violations of Pennsylvania’s election code. “A lawsuit has been filed in the Butler County Court of Common Pleas against the Office of Elections for rejecting two provisional ballots.” (WTAE)


4. What do you mean

  • Josh Shapiro, a competent pragmatist in divided times. (Salena Zito)
  • Trump flirts with economic quackery. (Paweł Krugman)
  • How to confront anti-Semitism, deal with protests and respect freedom of speech. (Washington Post Office)
  • Building a sense of community for victims of sexual violence. (Veronica N. Hubbard)
  • Is this the year no one watches political commercials? (Walter Shapiro)
  • “Greedflation” and other unbelievable stories. (Guy Ciarrocchi)
  • Governor Shapiro’s misguided attempt to cure a very hearty climate. (Gregory Wrightstone)
  • Should taxpayer-funded organizations be subject to state right-to-know laws? (Beth Ann Rosica)
  • Let’s Let the Competition Begin: The FTC has done its duty by prohibiting non-competes. (New York Daily News)
1 item

5. Smarter mowing robots

Is it worth investing in robotic lawnmowers?  Agricultural engineers weigh

“The new robotic mowers allow them to be controlled via a smartphone application, without the need for peripheral wires.

Why is it important?: The perfectly manicured green lawn that these mowers make possible is a joyful symbol of the American dream and a nefarious lightning rod for environmental criticism.

Message management: The latest series of autonomous mowers are quieter, battery-powered and gentler on the grass.

The most important thing: The market for these mowers is in its infancy, but expect them to become as ubiquitous as Roomba and Ring doorbells. (Axles)

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