April 29: Luck O’ The Irish

🔥 Another manic Monday. Who turned up the heat?

Weather in Pennsylvania
☀️ McKees Rocks | Sunny, 87
☀️Enola | Sunny, 87
☀️ Merion Station | Mostly bright, 86

Sports PA
🏀 Sixes (1-3) | New York 92-97 | Tuesday vs. New York
⚾ Pirates (14-15) | San Francisco 2-3 | Monday-Wednesday vs. Oakland
⚾ Phillies (19-10) | San Diego 8-6 | Monday-Wednesday vs. L.A. Angels
⚽ Union (3-4-1) | True Salt Lake 1-2 | Saturday vs. D.C. United

What’s happening today. The AP House meets at noon, the Senate at 1 p.m

Everyday Bruce. “You can’t light a fire. You can’t start a fire without a spark. This weapon can be rented, even if we dance in the dark” – Dance in the murky

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The best story

1. How being an Irishwoman from Allegheny County may have helped McClelland insulate herself from the AP’s biggest original misunderstanding

“There was one surprise amid a quiet election Tuesday: the outcome of the Democratic primary for state treasurer.

Erin McClelland, a native of Allegheny County, defeated the state party-endorsed candidate, who defeated her 5-1. McClelland won by 8 percentage points and will face the Republican incumbent Stacy Garrity in November.

Several Democratic Party pundits and pundits said McClelland’s home county, name and gender likely played a deciding role with voters who knew little about the office or the candidates. (Questioner from Philadelphia)


In a low-attendance PA elementary school, location and luck may have mattered more than politics. “Location, reputation, demographics and sheer luck may have mattered more than political differences in this week’s Pennsylvania primary.” (PA reflector)

Analysis: Pennsylvania Elementary School Attendance in 2024. “Haley’s totals, Biden’s totals and McCormick’s gap are reflected in the data.” (Penn Capital Star)

Despite the climate crisis, the US Green Party is struggling to gain traction. “Climate change is a top issue on the U.S. political agenda, yet the Green Party and its candidate Jill Stein are almost invisible in the presidential race.” (CNHI News)


2. PA House Republicans are steadfast in blocking outraged Republican Boyle’s votes

Representative Kevin Boyle

“Withdrawal of arrest warrant earlier this week for the state Representative Kevin Boyle did not change Republican lawmakers’ decision to halt the counting of his votes in his absence from the House chamber, a GOP spokesman said Friday.

Democrats, who control the House by one vote, say they are powerless under the chamber’s rules to rescind a letter signed by Boyle authorizing his vote to be cast by the majority whip, a common practice among lawmakers that allows them to pursue other matters during routine votes. ”(Penn Capital Star)


DePasquale, a former state representative and fiscal regulator, is eager to bring decades of experience to the AG’s office. “The name Eugene DePasquale is known not only in York County, but probably throughout Pennsylvania.” (Shipment from York)

Fun with Maps II: Sunday’s road to the GOP AG nomination. “PoliticsPA has created an interactive map of the total votes received by Dave Sunday and Craig Williams by percentage to show how the 67 counties cast their ballots on Tuesday.” (PoliticsPA)

State Advisory Committee releases historic public defense money plan. “The committee responsible for Pennsylvania’s newly allocated public defense dollars revealed Friday how much of the historic funds each county will be eligible to receive, with both larger metropolitan counties and rural jurisdictions eligible to apply for the largest awards.” (PA reflector)

Calendar of the General Meeting. “Here are the meeting dates for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate through the end of the fiscal year.” (PoliticsPA)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. The keys to Mackenzie’s victory: visibility, external support and an “army of grassroots supporters”

“When Ryan Mackenzie last week’s victory in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, the fruit of years of patience and networking, as well as months of planning.

Mackenzie won the entire region with close victories in Northampton and Carbon counties and easily won a miniature portion of Monroe County in the district.

However, Mackenzie improved his results in his home county of Lehigh, where he won 49% of the vote – 11 points more than Kevin Dellicker, which took second place.” (LehighValleyNews.com)


Ehasz sees fundraising and increased attention for the DCCC in the congressional race. Why is it essential?. “While Army veteran helicopter pilot Ashley Ehasz lost by nearly 10 points to former FBI agent Brian Fitzpatrick when the latter two went head-to-head in 2022, a surge in fundraising in early 2024 and potential national attention from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) websites can make this year’s election more than a repeat of two years ago.” (Bucks County Courier Times)

  • Ashley Ehasz is stepping up her campaign against the incumbent congressman. (Levittown now)

AP voters discuss how the economy may influence their choice for president. “In Northampton County, Pennsylvania, voters are talking about how inflation is affecting their views on this year’s presidential candidates.” (NPR)

Snyder County’s new elections director has survived the 2024 PA primary. The big test will come in November. “Even before sunrise on primary election day, Devin Rhoads was putting out fires.” (Let him vote)

Pennsylvania’s innovation economy remains a challenge. “Pennsylvania’s innovation economy is largely concentrated in three centers, and the challenge remains to continue to grow across the state. While the Commonwealth has some strengths in research, that doesn’t translate to its full potential, Brookings Metro director said. (Central Square)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. The wealth boom of young America

“The average household wealth of people under 40 in the U.S. is up 49% from pre-pandemic levels, writes Axios’ Emily Peck, based on a new analysis by the left-leaning Center for American Progress.

Why it matters: Young households haven’t seen this much wealth gain since the Fed began tracking the data in 1989.

Stunning statistic: Millennials – currently aged 27-43 – have seen their wealth double over this period, according to the analysis.” (Axles)

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