Amber Rose to Speak at RNC Convention to Endorse Donald Trump

Philadelphia-born television star Amber Rose he says he’s going to Milwaukee next week to speak at the Republican National Convention.

“It’s true! I’m speaking at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee #MAGA,” Rose shared Monday night on X, formerly known as Twitter, along with a Trump 2024 sign.

With a former reality star at the top of the ticket and a focus on attracting more black voters, it makes sense that the Republican Party would call on Rose, a biracial millennial celebrity who he first hit the front pages of newspapers as Kanye West’s girlfriend from Philadelphia.

“While this convention will be an opportunity to celebrate Republican Party leaders, supporters, industry leaders and pop culture icons, the real stars of the convention will be ordinary Americans.” campaign representatives wrote in an email about the convention, which will be held July 15-18.

Rose and the RNC did not immediately respond to The Inquirer’s request for comment, and the calendar on the convention website does not yet mention the star’s name. Trump’s team asked for comment I sent Newsweek a link to Rose’s announcement on social media.

Here’s what you need to know about Amber Rose and why she’s heading to the convention.

Who is Amber Rose?

The 40-year-old model, author and television star was born and raised on Broad and Ellsworth Streets in South Philadelphia. Before moving to New York to pursue modeling, Rose felt she never quite fit in in Philadelphia.

“I always felt bigger than the city. It wasn’t big enough for me” divided into Revolt The drink masters podcast in 2017and said she comes from an area where people are “not traditionally attractive.” This comment sparked a lot of criticism online before Rose apologized.

Rose gained importance in 2008 as a music video model. Then in 2009 she signed a contract with Ford Models and in 2016 she made her debut Amber Rose Performance is on VH1.

In October 2015, Rose published her book How to be a bad bitch. The self-help book aims to show readers how to live a more impressive life. book description on Goodreads says, “Amber Rose didn’t let the tough streets of South Philadelphia slow her down as she worked to achieve her star-studded goals.”

Considered an advocate for women’s empowerment, Rose organized the Los Angeles “SlutWalk”combating issues related to women’s equality.”

Rose was also in two high level unionsFirst with West and then with Wiz Khalifa, whom she married.

From Calling Donald Trump an Idiot to Speaking at His Convention

It is not yet known where or when Rose will deliver her speech at the convention, but she has made no secret of her support for Trump in recent months.

In May, she officially expressed her support on social media, posting a photo on Instagram with Trump and former first lady Melania Trump. Rose has since used her social media platform to further promote a pro-Trump agenda, commenting about President Joe Biden’s impoverished debate performance and sharing content from an account called “unwokeism” on his Instagram story.

IN June movie about XRose wears a MAGA hat and says, “Donald Trump baby, 2024,” then shows the camera a MAGA ring and adds, “I’m engaged to the game… MAGA baby.”

Rose, however, was not always a staunch supporter of the former president.

In an interview for “Cut” from August 2016, Rose was asked about Trump’s comment that then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton had received endorsements only from “unhot” celebrities. “He’s just such an idiot. He’s so weird. I really hope he doesn’t become president,” Rose responded.

Eight years later, Rose is speaking at the convention where Trump will likely be declared the official Republican Party presidential candidate for the third time.

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