Watch the ad: “Casey is too dangerous for PA”

Welcome back to Ad Watch, our series highlighting the latest TV and digital ads we can find about races impacting the Keystone State.

Today we present the latest from Dave McCormick for Senate campaign.

The ad, titled “Bob Casey Is Too Dangerous for Pennsylvania,” is attacking Bob Caseysilence on the Biden administration’s proposal to bring refugees from Gaza to the United States.

The digital ad will be displayed across the Commonwealth.

McCormick’s campaign also aired two television ads detailing his roots struggle in the state and the lessons he learned graduated from West Point and serving in the army.

Casey, an incumbent Democrat, has aired four television ads, including the latest one that highlights his support for American steel and working people in Pennsylvania.


CBS: “White House Considers Admitting Some Gaza Palestinians to United States as Refugees.”

VO: This is crazy! Countries neighboring Gaza say it is not worth the risk.

But Biden wants to bring them here?

And what did Bob Casey do to prevent this?


VO: Bob Casey votes for Joe Biden 98% of the time.

And he refuses to stand up to Biden, even when Pennsylvanians are at risk.

Bob Casey is too dangerous for Pennsylvania.

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