There are just three months left until elementary school in Pennsylvania. Here’s who’s on the statewide ballot

With snow covering the roofs and the recent mayor and council still measuring the curtains at City Hall, it’s difficult to believe, but it’s true: spring is just around the corner, and with it another election.

The first hearings for a number of state and federal offices – the President, the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, the state attorney general, the treasury and auditor, as well as the House and half of the state Senate – are scheduled for April 23, three months from that date. Tuesday.

Some marquee races will remain uncontested, such as President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey’s bids for the Democratic nomination. Former President Donald Trump is far ahead of its rivals in Pennsylvania polls, and businessman David McCormick appears to be the favorite in the GOP Senate primary, although at least one more person is in the race.

Things are getting more fascinating at the state level. So far, five Democrats have submitted their names to the AG, including three with Philadelphia ties and three Republicans.

North Philly’s trailblazing Republican, Malcolm Kenyatta, is one of three Democrats looking to challenge the incumbent Republican in the state auditor race. And although the general election isn’t until November, the race for state treasurer has already heated up war of words between the current Republican incumbent and two Democratic candidates.

Here’s a list of state candidates likely to appear on Philadelphia voters’ April ballots.

Attorney General

As the state’s top law enforcement officer, the AG oversees several hundred attorneys who litigate criminal and some civil cases, enforce consumer protection laws, and perform other duties on behalf of state agencies.

The position became a springboard to the governorship for Josh Shapiro and former Gov. Tom Corbett. Current Attorney General Michelle Henry, who is filling in for the final two years of Shapiro’s term, is not running.

• Former Philadelphia Chief Public Defender Keir Bradford-Grey (campaign website)
• Former state auditor general and candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Eugene DePasquale (campaign website)
• Former Bucks County Solicitor and candidate for Philadelphia District Attorney Joe Khan (campaign website)
• Northeast Philly Rep. Jared Solomon (campaign website)
•Delaware County District Attorney Jacek Stollsteimer (campaign website)

Republican candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General, as of January 2024. From left, Katayoun Copeland, Craig Williams, Dave Sunday.

• Former Assistant U.S. Attorney and District Attorney of Delaware County Katayoun Copeland (campaign website)
• State Representative Craig Williams160th District (Chester and Delaware Counties)
• York County District Attorney Dave’s Sunday (campaign website)

Other potential candidates According to City & State, they are: former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady, former Republican U.S. Attorney Conor Lamb, former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain, State Rep. Natalie Mihalek and Westmoreland County District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli.

Candidates for Pennsylvania Treasurer, January 2024. From left, Stacy Garrity, Ryan Bizzarro, Erin McClelland.
Candidates for Pennsylvania Treasurer, January 2024. From left, Stacy Garrity, Ryan Bizzarro, Erin McClelland.

State Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer manages tax revenues and other funds, pays state employees, makes payments to state agencies, oversees investments, administers the college savings program, and conducts other programs.

This isn’t a particularly political position, but Democratic candidate Ryan Bizzarro is criticized incumbent Republican Stacy Garrity for her opposition to abortion and tried to link her to the January 6 attack. One of his supporters called her “insurgent Barbie” Garrity, who was not present at the Capitol that day, condemned the attack and called the comment sexist.

• State Representative Ryan Bizarro3rd District (Erie County) (campaign website)
• Former Addiction Treatment Program Director Erin McClelland, Allegheny County (campaign website)

• State Treasurer Stacy Garrity (clerk) (campaign website)

Candidates for Pennsylvania Auditor General, January 2024. From left, Malcolm Kenyatta, Mark Pinsley, Mark Rozzi and Timothy DeFoor.
Candidates for Pennsylvania Auditor General, January 2024. From left, Malcolm Kenyatta, Mark Pinsley, Mark Rozzi and Timothy DeFoor.

Auditor General

The auditor is the state’s fiscal oversight authority. The office conducts financial audits of state agencies and other entities – including local governments, school districts, public pension plans and some universities – to ensure that state money is spent legally and correctly. It also occasionally conducts performance audits of institutions such as prisons and mental health facilities to check whether they are operating efficiently and effectively.

• State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta181st District (Philadelphia) (campaign website)
• Lehigh County Comptroller Mark Pinsley (campaign website)
• State Representative Marek Rozzi126th District (Berks County) (campaign website)

• Auditor General Timothy DeFoor (incumbent) (campaign website)

The article has been updated to clarify the source of the “insurgent Barbie” comment.

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