The Philadelphia Phoenix asked the internet to name their new mascot, and you can guess what happened

Philadelphia Phoenix, city Ultimate Frisbee Association Team, presented its new mascot last weekend. A giant red, orange and yellow – you guessed it – phoenix.

To engage the team’s largest frisbee fan base in the process, the team asked its followers on X (previously on Twitter) to propose a name for the newest Hotbird and then vote for one of the shortlist of the four best entries.

What did the internet ultimately decide? You probably guessed it – “Bird McBirdface.”

“I have to be honest, when I saw Birdy McBirdface, deep down I was hoping he would win it,” said Adam Booth, content champion at Phoenix. “There are already enough mascots in this town with one name, with Swoop and Phang and Gritty and Phanatic and so on. I needed something with a name, like a full government name.

Philadelphia Phoenix content master Adam Booth shows new mascot Birdy McBirdface how to balmy up the crowd on the Neumann University turf. (Shawn Lanzillo)

New name – Birdy for low – defeated “Scorch” in the overtime poll after combining two names first vote, ahead of “Blaze” and “Elvis”.

For those who are unaware of the internet crazes of 2016, the name is a tribute to them McBoatface’s box, the result of an online poll by the UK’s Natural Environment Research Council to name a new polar science research vessel. Despite the overwhelming popularity of the name, NERC rejected the democratic process and instead named the ship RRS Sir David Attenborough. One of the ship’s autonomous submarines was named Boaty McBoatface to somewhat quell the online outrage.

Johnny “Goodtimes” Nottingham, the team’s investor and renowned quiz master from Philadelphia, said Phoenix has never had any arguments about honoring the vote and giving people what they want.

“We couldn’t choose [Birdy McBirdface] to vote, but we thought it was funny,” Nottingham said. “So we were completely prepared for such a situation. We are pleased with the result. We think it’s a great name and I think it fits.”

What is the story of Birdy McBirdface? Mostly a mystery for now. Nottingham said Birdy had just shown up on his doorstep before the season, apparently from a very distant land, possibly volcanic Mount Vesuvius.

“The bird came, he wanted to be part of the team and we were happy to have him,” Nottingham said.

The Philadelphia Phoenix’s new mascot, Birdy McBirdface, was unveiled and named during the team’s 2024 season opener. (Shawn Lanzillo)

Last season, the Phoenix briefly changed its name and mascot to the Philly Gators to support the Phillies during Games 3 and 4 of the National League Championship Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Nottingham’s 9-year-old son, Avery, designed the team’s fleeting logo (he voted for Scorch).

Phoenix lost its season opener to DC Breeze 22-10, and Nottingham said a fan on Instagram quickly claimed the mascot’s new name was to blame.

“Not everyone likes it, but I think most people are enthusiastic about Birdy,” he said.

Philly’s next game is this Saturday against Boston Glory on the Neumann University turf at 6 p.m

The game is also a dollar dog night, with another pretty heated race: Ketchup or mustard, which condiment is best?

Tickets for team matches may be available bought on Phoenix’s website.

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