The DLCC lists its primary candidates for the Pennsylvania General Assembly

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) on Thursday announced the slate of Pennsylvania candidates it is supporting in the general election, where control of the General Assembly hangs in the balance.

“It would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the most important year in the history of state legislative campaigns,” DLCC President Heather Williams said Thursday on a call with reporters. “Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda is being set and implemented in the states.”

Williams added that she believes reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, gun safety and democracy will be on the ballot in November.

Democrats currently hold 102 seats in the House of Representatives, while Republicans hold 101. In the Senate, Republicans hold 28 seats and Democrats hold 22.

Democrats have set their sights on flipping the Senate this cycle.

Four DLCC-endorsed candidates — State Reps. Patty Kim (SD-15), Nick Pisciottano (SD-45), and Nicole Ruscitto (SD-37); and Jim Wertz (SD-49) – are vying for seats that Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa says give the party its best chance at regaining control of the upper chamber.

“Over the last few years, in each of the last few cycles, we have made gains, and our goal is certainly to continue that process and grow by another three seats,” Costa said on a call with reporters Thursday. .

Of the four seats highlighted in the announcement, three are currently held by Republicans and one by retiring Democratic state Sen. Jim Brewster.

If Democrats gain an advantage in the chamber but don’t translate into a majority, Costa said the party would still consider it a “successful cycle, but it wouldn’t be the goal we set.” He added that he believes Democrats can escalate the number of chambers to 25 and win one or two more seats in 2026.

In the House, the DLCC endorsed six incumbents – State Representatives Jim Haddock (HD-118), Rob Matzie (HD-16), Brian Munroe (HD-118), Eddie Day Pashinski (HD-121), Mandy Steele (HD -33) and Paul Takac (HD-82).

Haddock, who represents parts of Luzerna and Lackawanna County, is scheduled to face Republican McKayla Kathio in November. Haddock and Kathio were unopposed on their nominations. In 2022, Haddock defeated Republican James May by just under 5 points.

Matzie, who represents part of Beaver County, will face Republican Michael Perich for the seat. None of them had a main challenger. Matzie scored 13 points in his most successful re-election bid in 2022 over Republican Rico Elmore.

Munroe is serving his first term in the Legislature after defeating incumbent GOP state Rep. Todd Polinchock by just under 2 points in 2022. The Bucks County Democrat will face Republican Daniel McPhillips in the general election.

Pashinski, who has served in the House of Representatives since 2007, is the longest-serving incumbent among the candidates in the spotlight. He represents parts of Luzerne County in northeastern Pennsylvania, and in 2022 he defeated Republican challenger Eryn Harvey by almost 9 points.

Steele, who represents part of Allegheny County, is serving her first term in office after defeating Republican Ted Tomson by nearly 10 points for an open seat in 2022. Her rival in November will be Republican Gary Lotz in a bid for a second term.

Takac, who represents part of Center County, was first elected to office in 2022 with a 12-point lead over Republican Justin Behrens. He is challenged in the general election by Republican Therese Hollen.

“In this very important year, it is our responsibility to increase this majority to increase seats, and we believe we can do it,” House Majority Leader Matt Bradford (D-Montgomery) said on a call with reporters. “We have suburban battlefields in every corner of Pennsylvania.”

The Republican State Leadership Committee did not immediately respond to the Capital-Star’s request for comment.

Below is the full list of DLCC candidates in Pennsylvania, including non-incumbents running for office.

  • Rep. Mandy Steele (HD-33)
  • Representative Jim Haddock (HD-118)
  • Representative Brian Munroe (HD-144)
  • Rep. Paul Takac (HD-82)
  • Representative Rob Matzie (HD-16)
  • Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski (HD-121)
  • Anna Tomasz (HD-137)
  • Anna Payne (HD-142)
  • Sara Agerton (HD-88)
  • Hadley Haas (HD-44)
  • Krystian Luna (HD-13)
  • Bill Petulla (HD-28)
  • Anand Patel (HD-18)
  • Elżbieta Moro (HD-160)
  • John Inglis (HD-38)
  • Rep. Nick Pisciottano (SD-45)
  • Rep. Patty Kim (SD-15)
  • Nicole Ruscitto (SD-37)
  • Jim Wertz (SD-49)

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