Shapiro and Davis rally support for Biden at a viewing party in Harrisburg

As President Joe Biden takes the stage to face off against former President Donald Trump in the first presidential debate of the 2024 election, Gov. Josh Shapiro is rallying support for the Democratic presidential candidate at a watch party at the state capitol.

“This election is a referendum on us,” Shapiro said at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. “And this election is a choice between a man who loves this nation and wants to lead us forward and help us perfect our union in Joe Biden, and a person who lives in a dark place who I believe doesn’t love America and doesn’t want to move America forward forward in a more successful, equitable way.”

Shapiro has become one of the most vocal supporters of the Biden-Harris ticket in Pennsylvania. He joined Biden on the campaign trail In community earlier this year and has appeared frequently on MSNBC, boosting Biden’s policies and his re-election bid. On June 10, he made national headlines during an appearance on MSNBC told Trump to “stop whining” and “stop talking sh** America.”

On Thursday night, Shapiro repeated that sentiment about Trump “talking about America.”

In addition to being one of Biden’s most energetic campaigners, Shapiro is often mentioned as possible presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2028. He even paid a visit to address Democrats in New Hampshire last year, which continued to fuel speculation about a potential future round.

Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, the nation’s youngest lieutenant governor, is also participating in the debate to boost support for the Biden-Harris ticket.

Polls have shown that juvenile voters have expressed concerns about the ages of Biden and Trump. Davis believes only one candidate in the race is addressing the concerns of these voters.

“When I talk to young people, they’re concerned about climate change, gun violence, college affordability, and there’s only one candidate who has made a position on solving these issues, and that’s Joe Biden,” he told reporters.

Dauphin County Democratic Party Chairwoman Rogette Harris also expressed confidence that Biden will deliver a message about why he and his policies deserve a second term.

“Tonight, Donald Trump is going to remind everyone why he’s an ex,” Harris said. “He’s a guy in a bad relationship who keeps trying to get back together, but we need to remind voters why he’s an ex in the first place and keep him in that relationship.”

Biden and Trump appear locked in a tight race for Pennsylvania’s 19 electoral votes. Emerson College Survey released last week showed Trump leading Biden in Pennsylvania by 2 points.

This is a developing story and will be updated.

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