RFK Jr. challenges Trump to a debate; ter Maat also calls out Kennedy

Could we meet the former president? Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. AND Mike Ter Maat on the debate stage later this month?

Unlikely, but the gauntlet was thrown at the feet of two of these three.

On Wednesday, Kennedy challenged Trump to a debate at the Libertarian convention, which will be held later this month in Washington

Citing his polling numbers in the three-way race, Kennedy listed the location as the neutral site where both candidates will speak.

“This is perfect neutral territory for you and me to hold a debate where you can defend your record against wavering supporters,” he said. he wrote on Twitter.

“You yourself said you’re not afraid to debate me as long as my poll numbers are decent. Well, they are. In fact, I am the only presidential candidate in history who has outperformed both major party candidates in direct elections.

“So let’s meet at the Libertarian convention and show the American public that at least two major candidates are not afraid to debate each other. I have asked the convention organizers and I am very pleased that we can use our time to give Americans the debate they deserve!”

Kennedy’s polling numbers in the Keystone State contradict his claims. The latest Muhlenberg College poll showed a two-way race between Trump and President Joe Biden sees Trump ahead 44-41. In the three-way competition with Kennedy, Republicans and Democrats have up to 35%, and RFK Jr. – 18%.

More recent polls suggest Kennedy is potentially hurting Trump’s campaign more than Biden’s.

Trump initially supported Kennedy’s campaign, saying he was “great for MAGA” and that running against Biden would be a “huge favor for America.”

His tone changed when the newcomer decided to run as an independent candidate rather than challenge the 46th president as a Democrat. In an article on his Truth Social social media channel, Trump said that “RFK Jr. is a Democrat ‘plant’, a radical leftist liberal who was drafted to help Crooked Joe Biden, the worst president in US history, get re-elected.”

ter Maat, a Libertarian presidential candidate, joined in on Thursday and challenged Kennedy to debate him.

“Given Kennedy’s repeated flirtations with the Libertarian Party nomination, the most appropriate debate will be with me, not Trump, who will never seek our nomination,” ter Maat wrote in the letter.

“Sometimes the interest in RFK Jr. the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination seemed to me inconsistent with his pro-good government policies,” he wrote in an accompanying email. “Now that he has said he will come to the LP convention, I, as the favorite for the LP nomination, would like to give him a chance to prove his libertarian bona fides. Or put an end to ongoing speculation.

“In the end, the path to an LP nomination will have to come through me in the end.”

He also called on the Republican National Committee to give him time at its convention in Milwaukee in mid-July.

“The chairman of the Libertarian National Committee generously invited Trump and President Biden to our national convention, and we believe they should offer us similar opportunities at their conventions.”

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