Pro-McCormick Super PAC sets aside $30 million for advertising time in the state

More and more money is flowing into the Pennsylvania Senate and the Republican Party Dave McCormick is the lucky recipient.

Key renewalthe main super PAC supporting his campaign is booking $30 million worth of TV time in the Keystone State.

Analysts say the super PAC has already committed $3.6 million to mostly positive ads about McCormick, but plans to pivot toward more negative spots aimed at his opponent, the Democrat Bob Casey.

By far, the most money in future ad bookings has been received for Senate contests, with $431 million set aside for the fall. Pennsylvania’s race is the third-most high-priced at $45.3 million heading into this week, trailing only Ohio ($154.6 million) and Montana ($104.3 million). According to AdImpactDemocrats outspend Republicans for every Senate seat by more than $1.0 million, except in Indiana, where Republicans have a spending advantage of $800,000. dollars.

How essential is the Commonwealth race for the US Senate? As of this writing, of every $10 spent nationally on television, radio and digital advertising, $3 is spent in Pennsylvania.

As of April 3, Keystone Renewal had raised more than $21 million, most of it from Wall Street executives and investors, according to the most recent campaign finance reports available.

The largest contributions to super PACs it cost $10 million Ken Griffin, CEO of Citadel; $2 million from Paweł Singer, president of Elliott Management; and $1 million from Jeff Yassfounder of Susquehanna International Group.

Casey’s campaign and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the main campaign arm of Senate Democrats, have spent the most on ads entering the race. The commission spent about $9 million on television, cable and digital ads, while Mr. Casey’s campaign spent $8.5 million.

“Billionaire supporters of David McCormick are pumping money into Pennsylvania in an attempt to distract him from his past investments in Chinese military companies, supporting a dangerous abortion ban and lying about where he lives,” he said Maddy McDaniel, spokeswoman for the Casey campaign. “The people of Pennsylvania already know that McCormick cannot be trusted.”

The race is expected to be one of the most closely watched in the country, with the Senate majority likely hanging in the balance.

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