McClelland knocked down Bizzarro for state treasurer Dems

In what many consider an upset Allegheny County project manager Erin McClelland state deposed Representative Ryan Bizarro in the democratic competition for the nomination of state treasurer.

McClellan, who had a significant lead in the race, won 54 percent of the vote, overtaking Bizzararo, who had not been challenged for the Erie House seat in 12 years in the primary.

She campaigned for expanding information in the state contracts database, providing a list of recommended suppliers and not investing in foreign holdings.

“We have an electorate that is very, very tired of being driven by rage,” McClelland he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “They are looking for all elected officials to just do their job.

“This is a really important statement from voters about women’s votes,” she said. “We talk about how we want their votes, but it’s really important to have their voice.”

McClelland will face the Republican incumbent Stacy Garritywho ran unopposed in the primary election, in the general election.

“Voters have rejected Erin McClelland three times now,” she said in a statement. “She is a perennial candidate seeking a place on the public payroll. Its proposals, for example regarding a state bank, are strange to say the least. Erin’s biggest political advantage was that she was running against Ryan Bizzarro. “Now her biggest political burden is that she is running against an incumbent who has a proven track record.”

Bizzarro said: “While the results were not what I expected or hoped for, I respect the voters’ choice. My commitment to the Commonwealth and its people remains unchanged, and I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of all Pennsylvanians in the House of Representatives.”

The Pennsylvania Office of the State Treasurer serves as the custodian for more than $150 billion in Commonwealth funds and is responsible for receiving and depositing state monies, managing investments, and overseeing all disbursements and deposits from state agencies.

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