May 17: The race starts now

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Weather in Pennsylvania
🌂 Górne St. Claire | Chance of rain, 72
☁️ York Springs | Cloudy, 73
☁️ Blue Bell | Mostly murky, 73

Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (31-14) | NY Mets 5-6 (11) | Friday-Sunday vs. Washington
⚾ Pirates (20-25) | Chicago Cubs 5-4 | Friday-Sunday vs. Chicago Cubs
⚽ Union (3-5-4) | Saturday vs. New England

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The best story

1. It’s not a courtroom, it’s a debate: The Biden-Trump race really starts now

“After months of relatively cautious campaigning, Joe Biden AND Donald Trump they ended up playing it sheltered.

The debates the two major party candidates agreed to this week reflect efforts by both contenders to take control of the 2024 campaign after weeks of intense focus on Trump’s trials, protest votes and, increasingly, the threat of losing votes by both candidates to the third party candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.”(POLICY)


Is RFK Jr. can qualify for the ballot in Pennsylvania? “Will you see the name Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on your Pennsylvania general election ballot? This has not been determined yet.” (PoliticsPA)

The Department of Justice officially proposes the reclassification of marijuana. “When moved to Schedule III, cannabis will be subject to the same level of regulation as drugs such as ketamine and anabolic steroids. However, rescheduling does not legalize or decriminalize the drug.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

AP Doctors for Biden: Trump will ‘roll back’ the state’s healthcare. “More than 80 doctors and other health care providers in Pennsylvania have signed a letter warning that former President Donald Trump will take the state ‘backward’ by targeting the Affordable Care Act and women’s reproductive care.” (PennLive)

Casey shows fewer county visits than reported. “It takes more effort to visit all those 67 counties a year. The three-term Democrat, who is seeking re-election this year, says so, although his media reports do not indicate so.” (Wide + Freedom)

John Fetterman has spoken openly about his depression. Now he wants to create a National Mental Health Commission. “The committee prepared reports every year. In its first year, it would study the scope of mental health services under federal health plans; reimbursement rates for mental health care services; and mental health workforce challenges.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)


2. Domestic political causes will drive the campaign for Pennsylvania’s next attorney general

Eugene DePasquale wins Democratic primary for Pennsylvania Attorney General |  90.5 WESA

“The campaign for Pennsylvania’s next attorney general, an office that has played a central role – and gained national prominence – will be a leitmotif of national politics in the fight against lawsuits designed to keep Donald Trump took power after losing the 2020 presidential election Joe Biden.

Nominees – Democrat Eugene DePasqualeformer twice-elected state auditor general and Republican Dave Sunday, the twice-elected district attorney of York County — will carry the messages he has perfected in his primary campaigns into the November general election.” (AP)


PA Cyber ​​Charters show ‘excessive speculation’ and accumulate multimillion-dollar assets, up-to-date report finds. “Pennsylvania’s four largest online schools, which enroll nearly 75% of statewide students, have amassed assets worth hundreds of millions while the school districts that fund them continue to raise taxes, a new report shows.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

The court dismisses a class action lawsuit regarding interest on unclaimed property from the PA treasury. “A federal judge in Philadelphia dismissed a class-action lawsuit against Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity that claimed the state’s unclaimed property law violated the Constitution because it did not require the treasury to pay interest to owners who reclaim their property.” (Penn Capital Star)

Local recovery center reacts to just signed xylazine bill: “It’s going to be very bad”. “When they heard about the bill, they both shook their heads in disapproval. “Many experts fear this approach mimics the futile patterns of persecution of marginalized people of the war on drugs.” (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. How seriously should we take polls showing Biden and Trump tied among youthful AP voters?

REPORT: Young people are the path to victory in 2020 - Generation Progress Generation Progress

“We’re not talking much about political polls here. And while I reserve the right to report them later – especially if I want someone else to do my job for me – we probably won’t talk about them much in the future either.

This is because I and many people I hear from are neurotic enough.” (WESA policy)


Vice presidential debate at Lafayette College in doubt after organizers scrapped campaigns. “New uncertainty surrounds plans to host the 2024 vice presidential debate at Lafayette College, after President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump eliminated the nonpartisan organization that had planned presidential debates for decades.” (

Recordings of Senate sessions are not publicly available. “While dozens of states make their legislative sessions live and on-demand, Pennsylvania stands out. “It is one of the few states that offers a live streaming option but does not make recordings publicly available online.” (Central Square)

Latinos found jobs and economical housing in the Pennsylvania city, but political power proved elusive. “Latinos seeking jobs and affordable housing have transformed Hazleton, Pennsylvania, in recent decades, but a federal lawsuit argues that the way representatives are elected to the local school board unfairly disempowers them.” (AP)

Could Kenyatta Johnson be…Richard Nixon? “The twice-accused and ultimately acquitted Council President has a unique opportunity to reform the scourge of councilor prerogatives… and finally make us One City.” (Citizen of Philadelphia)


4. What do you mean

  • What is Senator Bob Casey wrong about anti-Semitism? (Will Bunch)
  • Careless, reckless and insidious propaganda of the right wing. (David Mills)
  • US Representative Scott Perry twists history beyond recognition. (John Sigle)
1 item

5. Two of Pennsylvania’s Best RV Campgrounds Make USA Today’s “10 Best” List

Lake Raystown Resort, Outdoor RV Destination |  Go camping in America

“RV camping season is upon us, and two popular Pennsylvania locations made USA Today’s list of ’10 Best RV Campsites.’

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp and Resort, located in Mill Run in Fayette County, took fourth place, closely followed by Lake Raystown Resort in Entriken in Huntingdon County. (Bucks County Courier Times)

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