May 15: Rally cry

🙂 It’s Wednesday. Mid-week. In the middle of the month.

Weather in Pennsylvania
🌧️Waynesburg | Showers, 72
☔ Lancaster | Rain before noon, 65
☂️ Allentown | Early showers, 65

Sports PA
⚾ Phillies (30-13) | New York Mets 4-0 | Wed-Thurs vs. NY Mets
⚾ Pirates (19-24) | Milwaukee 3-4 | Wednesday vs. Milwaukee
⚽ Union (3-5-3) | Wednesday – New York City FC

👂 What we hear. “Josh wanted to be president since middle school. He is relentlessly ambitious. His movements were tactical at all times. And honestly, who’s going to stop him? He is a very, very good politician.” – David N. Taylorpresident and CEO of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association

🎸 Everyday Bruce. “My tires were punctured and I almost crashed, but the Lord had mercy. My machine is a dud, I’m stuck in the mud somewhere in the Jersey swamps.Rosalie

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The best story

1. Once a wedge issue, now abortion a rallying cry for Biden, Democrats in Pennsylvania

“It wasn’t that long ago that a Democratic congressman representing a place like Beaver County avoided talking about abortion as much as possible. Chris Deluziowhose district includes Beaver and part of Allegheny County, is taking a different tack.

Traditionally, white working-class Democrats have been more conservative on abortion. But many small-town Democrats are nonetheless moving toward the Republicans. In turn, the 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, which invalidated the constitutional right to abortion guaranteed for half a century in Roe v. Wade, reshuffled the cards on both sides. “There are signs everywhere that an issue once shunned by Democrats has now become a rallying cry.” (THAT’S IT)


McCormick will only commit to two terms if elected. “Republican candidate Dave McCormick has imposed a term limit on himself if he wins the U.S. Senate race against three-term incumbent Democrat Bob Casey Jr., pledging to serve only two terms in office.” (PoliticsPA)

The up-to-date list ranks the most bipartisan members of Congress – and the least. “According to a newly released analysis by the Lugar Center and the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University,” “Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Pennsylvania Republican Brian Fitzpatrick were the most bipartisan members of Congress last year.” (Penn Capital Star)

CNX plans $1.5 billion hydrogen fuel plant at Pittsburgh airport, but wants federal tax credit for its construction. “The announcement comes as the Biden administration decides how to adjust billions of dollars in tax breaks as part of a massive effort to build a hydrogen industry that is a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel energy and reduces planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions.” (AP)


2. A swing state Democrat is trying to shape winning energy policy

Governor Josh Shapiro 2024 Budget Speech

“Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro efforts to develop clean energy in a country heavily dependent on fossil fuels put him in a position that mirrors President Joe Biden’s re-election challenge: showing that his stewardship of climate issues does not diminish his stature as a friend of labor.

If he succeeds, it could increase support for Democrats’ green agenda and Shapiro’s political ambitions.” (POLICY)


PA lawmakers are considering expanding the smoking ban in casinos. “We intend to take action again to close loopholes in the Pennsylvania Clean Indoor Air Act that would end smoking in casinos – one of the last places smokers can light up.” (PennLive)

PA Gaming Earns Over Half a Billion Dollars in a Record Month. “In its latest report, management reported March revenue of approximately $554.6 million, eclipsing the previous monthly record of $534.2 million set in December 2023.” (PennLive)

PA lawmakers learned about problems with the health care system; “More people are postponing health care than ever before.” “Insurance reimbursements for mental health care are smaller and arrive slower than physical care reimbursements. This dynamic has caused institutions that specialize in such care to close and force mental health patients, for whom “this could become a crisis,” to wait in established emergency rooms.” (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

The state may ban non-compete agreements for doctors and nurses. “Currently, Pennsylvania is one of about a dozen states that have no restrictions on non-compete agreements.” (Central Square)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Consequences of mail-in ballot processing problems in Montco in November

“Montgomery County officials are working to resolve internal issues that contributed to 183 voters receiving absentee ballots just three days before last month’s primary election, jeopardizing their ability to cast them on time.

But county officials said another factor was out of their control – a state law that gave county election offices just 30 days to prepare, print and distribute ballots before the election.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)


Cabell responds to Luzerne County’s records request. “Michael Cabell filed a legal response Tuesday seeking to count possible recorded votes in his close Republican race for state representative in the 117th House District. In its filing, it calls the Luzerne County Board of Elections’ legal argument “merely a red herring.”Leader of the Times)

Cyril H. Wecht, MD, JD “Following the death of the brilliant and controversial forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, we thought you would enjoy reading his life story in his own words. There will never be another like him.” (Pittsburgh Quarterly)

Pennsylvania dairy farmers could see a financial boost thanks to Shapiro’s proposed insurance subsidy. “The Governor’s budget proposal includes $5.6 million to create a state grant that will lower enrollment costs in the federal Dairy Coverage Protection Program, which provides direct payments to farmers to help them cope with volatile milk and feed prices.” (PA reflector)

Ousted Philadelphia Health Care Workers Union president charged with stealing to illegally support Democratic campaigns. “Prosecutors allege that Chris Woods, former head of District 1199C of the National Hospital and Healthcare Workers Union, illegally contributed union funds to candidates in the May 2019 Democratic primary.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. Dolly’s Donut Collaboration

Krispy Kreme donut box full of donuts with four donuts in front of the box on a yellow checkered tablecloth

“Krispy Kreme partners with the Queen of the Country to create the first-ever line of celebrity donuts.

Dolly Southern Sweets Donut Collection – An Ode to Dolly Parton — launched today and includes four limited-edition donuts. The candies will be sold in Krispy Kreme stores and select grocery stores nationwide.

Flavors, darling? First up is the Dolly Dazzler Donut, a glazed donut dipped in strawberry icing – with gold, pink and white glitter sprinkles, and a chocolate “Dolly butterfly piece.” Plus: Peachy Keen Cobbler Donut, Banana Puddin’ Pie and Chocolate Crème Pie. (Axles)

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