May 10: Believe the polls

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🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for Representative Mike Kelly and they were Senator Rick Santorum. Early returns for Representative Jordan Harris (Sun.)

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The best story

1. Measuring Trump’s votes: a longtime headache for American pollsters

“Can we trust the polls? Six months before the US presidential election, pollsters are trying to get accurate information about the voters they are voting for Donald Trumpa group that has systematically eluded them for eight years and counting.

Republican victory over Democrats Hillary Clinton in 2016, he surprised the United States and the world. But it was mainly the 2020 election that she won Joe Bidenwhich forced the interviewers to count.

According to a report by the American Association for Public Opinion Research, the vote resulted in polling errors of “an extraordinary magnitude” – the highest in 40 years for the popular vote and 20 years for state-level estimates” (CNHI News)

  • Voices of Reason, S1E3: The Science of Polling. (PolitykaPA)


RFK Jr. challenges Trump to a debate; ter Maat also calls out Kennedy. “Could we see former President Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Mike ter Maat on the debate stage later this month? It’s unlikely, but the gauntlet has been thrown at the feet of two of these three. (PoliticsPA)

The Chase for Pennsylvania Continues: An Interview with Cliff Maloney. “The race is on. It would be a race to win Pennsylvania for former President Donald Trump, win the key Senate race, and win the remaining down-ballot races. The Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania (CAP) is handling the issue. (American viewer)

Lawmakers’ 7 biggest feuds on Capitol Hill. “Disputes on Capitol Hill are nothing new, but there have been some stupid things happening in this Congress. “The hostility between first-term Sen. John Fetterman (R-Pa.) and veteran Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), who faces multiple felony charges, has escalated into one of the Senate’s biggest conflicts.” (Hill)

Fetterman brings a meme-driven style to Fox News, criticizing protesters and Biden’s handling of the war. “U.S. Senator John Fetterman’s greatest political gift may be his ability to attract journalists’ attention. Time will tell if this will help his party this year.” (WESA policy)


2. Pennsylvania bans the exploit of cell phones while driving and requires police to collect data on traffic stops

This Yom HaShoah, I'm with community leaders, elected officials, and family members of Holocaust survivors to mourn the six million Jews who were murdered during the Holocaust and to continue our responsibility to combat hate and ensure we never forget.<br /><a href=⇣ Download photo” width=”500″ height=”333″ data-recalc-dims=”1″>

“Pennsylvania will join the majority of states in banning drivers from using a cell phone while driving for almost any purpose, as supporters of the legislation hope to reduce the number of accidents and deaths related to distracted driving after nearly two decades of use.

Governor Josh Shapiro The office said Thursday that the Democrat would sign the bill 18 years after he first introduced a similar bill while serving in the state House of Representatives. The ban will come into force one year after it is signed, which is expected to happen in the coming days.

The bill also includes a provision long sought by the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus as a safeguard against racial profiling. (AP)


Senator Bob Casey pursues Dave McCormick during his Connecticut residency. “The Casey name is synonymous with Pennsylvania, especially Scranton. But Casey was quick to refer to McCormick as a Connecticut Yankee for living out of state for many years.” (CBS Pittsburgh)

  • Casey faces the strongest GOP challenger yet in McCormick. (CBS Pittsburgh)
  • Watch the commercial (Casey): Casey says “Take it, China.” (PoliticsPA)
  • Watch the ad (McCormick): Casey is too hazardous for PA. (PoliticsPA)

Biden’s campaign is targeting Pennsylvania Latinos. “The ad, which comes as Republicans criticize President Joe Biden on immigration amid record illegal border crossings, underscores how Trump is touting the 2018 policy as a deterrent.” (Washington Post-Gazette Notebook)

Democrats’ proposal for ‘disabled’ AP House members draws GOP ire. “Floor leaders in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives clashed this week over the proposed creation of a new subcommittee that would operate outside the public eye on demands about a member’s suitability to serve in the lower house.” (CNHI News)

Boyle makes first public comments after ordering him to lose the election. “Pennsylvania State Representative Kevin Boyle’s whereabouts are still unknown, but he is making his first on-the-record statements after being charged with violating an abuse protection order a week before Election Day. Except there was no order from PFA. (

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Nearly every county in Pennsylvania has a public defender shortage, according to the report

Senator Vincent Hughes

“Pennsylvania does not have enough public defenders in almost every county, making it difficult for the state to meet its constitutional obligation to provide adequate representation to criminal defendants who cannot afford a lawyer, according to a new report by a University of Pennsylvania law professor.

Paul Heaton, author of the report, analyzed nearly one million criminal court records spanning a six-year period and concluded that there should be approximately 1,200 public defenders employed in district courts across the state. However, Heaton said there are only about 850 public defenders currently working, a shortfall of about 30%. (Questioner from Philadelphia)


Another day, another court hearing, and still no final results in the Luzerne County House of Representatives race. “State Republican Mike Cabell’s cousin testified Wednesday that he was living in Schuylkill County the day he voted in the Luzerne County House of Representatives election because he thought he was still registered at his previous address and could legally vote that way “. (WVIA)

Court questions delay in certifying Luzerne County elections. “The pending challenges center on the race for the Republican nomination for state representative in the 117th Legislative District. There are currently three votes separating candidates Jamie Walsh and incumbent Michael Cabell, with Walsh leading.” (Leader of the Times)

Republican Dino Disler uses write-in votes to win nomination for the 121st House District seat. “Disler will face Republican Eddie Day Pashinski, 78, a Democrat from Wilkes-Barre who has held the seat since he was first elected in 2006.” (WVIA)

Pittsburgh’s mayor’s office is tripling its staff budget. “According to the city’s 2023 Annual Comprehensive Financial Report released earlier this month to the Mayor’s Office, which is comprised of six different departments, the 2022 budget budgeted for 11 full-time positions and that number will increase to 45 in 2023.” . (Central Square)

Erie workers earn less than their Pennsylvania counterparts. “Erie wages are well below the state average of $29.77. The average wage in Pittsburgh is $29.60, while the average hourly wage in Philadelphia was $32.97. (Erie Times-News)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. PA court ruling Perrier is a non-alcoholic drink

Perrier - Carbonated mineral water 24ct 16.9 fl.  oz Plastic bottles – drinks for directors – mobile bartenders and waiters |  Bar rental |  Commercial staff

“Since 1863, Perrier has advertised itself as selling “natural carbonated table water” from its main spring in Vergez, France. It touts its roots in the spa town of Les Bouillens, giving the impression that the Perrier water flows straight from the ground.

That’s certainly what Jennifer Montgomery thought when she bought a bottle of Perrier at a Sheetz grocery store in Pennsylvania. To her surprise, she was charged 24 cents in state sales tax.

In 2019, Montgomery asked the state Department of Revenue for a refund and simultaneously sued Sheetz, arguing that it incorrectly charged her tax on natural bottled water, which is tax-free under Pennsylvania law. Now, Montgomery has lost the case, at least according to the appeals court. (Food and wine)

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