June 4: Donation drop

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What we hear. Candidate of the Green Party Dr. Jill Stein announced that she has almost met Pennsylvania’s criteria to qualify for the 2024 ballot, putting the long-term presidential candidate one step closer to taking votes from her competitors.

🗓️ What’s happening today. Both the House and Senate are in session.

🎂 Happy birthday. Cake and candles for Representatives of Kate Klunk AND Gregory Vitaly.

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The best story

1. How the inheritance of a compact donation shakes both parties

“Taking advantage of recent political history, both parties have seen a significant decline this election cycle in the small donations they collect via text messages and emails, mostly from rank-and-file voters of modest means. According to digital strategists from the Republican and Democratic Parties, the days are gone when every candidate could expect to rake in small donations. Instead, only the smartest campaigns – and Fox News regulars – are seeing the influx of cash that was routine five years ago.

“We squeezed every penny at a time when pennies were harder to come by,” he said John Hall, GOP digital strategist.” (known)


Former U.S. Capitol officers were injured in the Jan. 6 attack in which they punched Biden in Pittsburgh. “Police officers who were injured during the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot will travel to Pittsburgh and other cities in Pennsylvania this week to criticize former President Donald Trump’s alleged role in the attack.” (Grandstand overview)

The Proud Boys are back: How a far-right group is rebuilding to support Trump. “Proud Boys Say Recruitment Is Growing and They Are Ready to Once Again Serve as Donald Trump’s Unofficial Protective Force.” (Reuters)

Your thoughts on Trump’s verdict. “If you are a Trump supporter, does the New York verdict make you more likely to vote for the 45th president of the United States in 2024? Or does that make you less likely to support him in November? Either way, we’d like to know. Vote in our unscientific online poll by Thursday morning. We also encourage you to add comments below about the judgment and its consequences.” (PoliticsPA)


2. The countdown to the novel state budget has started

“It’s budget season in Pennsylvania, and that means the competition between Democrats and Republicans is in full swing when it comes to the 2024-2025 Commonwealth Finance Bill.

With 11 scheduled trading days scheduled between now and the end of the month, you can expect to see phrases like “invest in Pennsylvania” and “financially responsible budget” common in the coming weeks. (PolitykaPA)

  • Budget season begins at the Pennsylvania Capitol as lawmakers prepare to debate the massive surplus. (AP)


Payments to Pennsylvanians injured in a train derailment disaster would be tax-free under proposed state law. “Compensation payments made to Pennsylvanians injured by the 2023 derailment of a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals would be exempt from state tax under a proposal introduced in the Senate on Monday.” (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

Primary election results certified by DOS; The 117th GOP race hangs in the balance. “After all 67 counties certified their results to the Department of State, Secretary of the Commonwealth Al Schmidt on Friday certified Pennsylvania’s 2024 primary election results.” (PoliticsPA)

LGBTQ+ advocacy group forms to combat discrimination. “Fairness Pennsylvania strives to ensure that “LGBTQ+ people can be open, honest and safe at home, at work and in society,” its website says. (PennLive)

Listening turns into target practice as lawmakers grill PA Gaming Commission officials. “Growing concerns about a lack of transparency and accountability from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which holds more than $500 million in funds, have state lawmakers demanding change.” (PennLive)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Proposed scholarships will make college in Pennsylvania more affordable, but there’s a catch

University of Shippensburg

“Pennsylvania legislators are entering the budget season with a common goal: to make college more affordable in the commonwealth. As with most issues on Capitol Hill, Democrats and Republicans have different ideas on how to solve this problem.

The GOP majority in the state Senate is proposing new scholarships that target “in-demand” professions and offer money in exchange for postgraduates living in Pennsylvania.

Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro focused on 10 state and 15 community colleges in Pennsylvania, proposing a sweeping overhaul that would combine the two systems, increase funding and ultimately cap tuition at $1,000 per semester for many families.” (PA reflector)


Pennsylvanians want to make it easier to build homes, but the politics are complicated, novel polls show. “The survey found that the vast majority of respondents favored building more homes quickly, rather than retaining local authority control over development.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Allentown City Council plans to hire former FBI investigator in Pawlowski case to investigate alleged discrimination at City Hall. “The Allentown City Council may vote Wednesday to hire former FBI agent Scott Curtis, who investigated former Mayor Ed Pawlowski’s pay-to-play schemes, to investigate alleged workplace discrimination at City Hall.” (Morning talk in Allentown)

Reading City Council is considering the idea of ​​establishing a government inquiry commission. “Reading City Council held a discussion at the Whole Committee on Monday about the possibility of establishing a study commission to review the current form of government in line with the Home Rule Charter.” (CNHI News)


4. What do you mean

1 item

5. Stealing the show

For once, it wasn’t members of Congress who played a role in the House.

Rose’s guy — 6-year-old son Representative John Rose (R-Tenn.) — Spotted the C-SPAN camera and stole the show when his father spoke yesterday.

Watch the video.

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