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The best story

1. How vulnerable GOP lawmakers take credit for an infrastructure bill they opposed

“Billions of dollars in infrastructure funding are flowing to cities across the country, nearly three years after Congress passed a bipartisan $1.2 trillion bill authorizing the cash.

And some vulnerable Republicans in the House of Representatives, including Rep. Scott Perrythey tacitly take credit for local funding despite their opposition to the bill.

These moves will test how much voters care about the ability of federal dollars to create local jobs and investment, and how much credit they are willing to give to lawmakers playing both sides of the issue.” (Policy)


Government will unseal documents related to Scott Perry’s cell phone warrant, judge orders. “The public is one step closer to learning about the contents of the Jan. 6 warrant issued to U.S. Republican Scott Perry for his cell phone as part of the Department of Justice investigation.” (Shipment from York)

Trump Youth Movement. “Why Some Young Voters in Blue Philadelphia Support the Former President.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

The AJC survey found that a gigantic majority of Jews concerned about anti-Semitism support Israel. “It also states that President Joe Biden retains the majority of his support in the Jewish community in anticipation of a presidential rematch with former President Donald Trump in 2024. ”(Jewish insider)

Trump’s mail-in ballot withdrawal: While he supports it, GOP lawmakers are still fighting it. “There are still pending lawsuits in various stages of litigation in closely contested states such as Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Trump forces are seeking to disqualify mailed ballots received after Election Day and not postmarked. They also want to eliminate absentee ballots that are not completed or have alleged signature verification problems. (USA today)

Why are Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s current presidential poll numbers? they may not last until November. “It’s quite common for third-party candidates to look like they’re having momentum in the polls months before an election, only to have significantly lower results at the ballot box, according to an Associated Press analysis of 1980 Gallup data.” (AP)


2. Cybersecurity Charter changes that could save public schools $530 million could be in this year’s budget

Cyber ​​charter schools in Pennsylvania are concerned about a new bill intended to help districts

“Pennsylvania public school districts could save approximately $530 million annually if the Legislature makes long-awaited changes to how cybersecurity charters are funded.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers told Spotlight PA that such reforms could be included in this year’s budget, which is expected to focus on education. The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has already introduced a wide-ranging bill that would limit tuition payments by districts to cyber charters, change how tuition is calculated for students with disabilities and increase oversight.

“It is no secret that education is at the center of this budget,” the state said Representative Jesse Topper (R-Bedford), Minority Chairman of the House Education Committee.” (PA reflector)


Fetterman explains political independence: “I’ve already died once, it’s very liberating” “dream. John Fetterman on Friday’s “Real Time” explained to HBO’s Bill Maher the “freeing” feeling of being able to speak without fear of rejection, and quoted the Joker from the critically acclaimed major motion picture “Batman” starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson in main roles: “I” have already been dead once. It’s very liberating.” (Real clear policy)

Do you have raw milk? Despite health concerns, Pennsylvania, Delaware and even New Jersey want to loosen regulations. “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says raw milk “may harbor dangerous germs that could pose a serious health risk.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Israeli divestment ban proposed in Pennsylvania. “Lawmakers on both sides of the conflict want to protect Israel’s state financial resources despite growing public pressure to cut ties in the face of the ongoing war with Hamas.” (Central Square)

Push for the development of local tourism districts at Pennsylvania House. “House Bill 1891, introduced by Rep. Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz, D-Wyomissing, would give counties and municipalities the ability to create a tourism improvement district and establish a tax to maintain it.” (Wide + Freedom)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. Education leaders in Western PA are looking for solutions to the statewide teacher shortage

What's behind it and what can be done about the teacher shortage in PA |  WITF

“Thousands of teaching positions in Pennsylvania went unfilled or filled by someone with an emergency certificate last year, sending education across the state into crisis mode, one industry observer said.

According to data released by the state in October, more than 2,000 teaching positions were unfilled in Pennsylvania. Six of these 10 positions were filled with substitute teachers, and 40% remained vacant, which was resolved by teachers completing classes in their free time or assigning students to other sections of the course.

IN Laura Boyce In our opinion, the country is in crisis.” (Grandstand overview)


A coalition of Philadelphia Public Schools and charter officials is calling on AP lawmakers to approve House Democrats’ funding plan. “The extraordinary 15-member coalition, led by Mayor Cherelle L. Parker and City Council Speaker Kenyatta Johnson, includes public schools, charter schools and union officials from groups such as the Coalition of African American Charter Schools, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Esperanza, and SEIU 32BJ ” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation is launching a campaign to help Philadelphia students attend private schools. “The organization announced plans for an education campaign for Philadelphia that will provide approximately $300 million in scholarships for children in grades K-12 from low-income households to attend one of a range of private schools in the city.” (NBC Philadelphia)

Election workers worry that the federal threat task force won’t be enough to keep them unthreatening. “In an effort to get the message across, the Biden administration recently drew attention to its prosecutions and convictions in cases involving threats against election officials or employees. “But as reports of attacks continue, some election experts say federal law enforcement continues to fail to do enough to deter bad actors and protect those on the front lines of democracy this fall.” (Penn Capital Star)

Small games of chance in PA may be massive business, but social clubs want bigger payouts. “Over the past three years, the Mechanicsburg Club has donated nearly half a million dollars to local nonprofit organizations from revenues from miniature games of chance. This is a staggering amount that comes out of the pockets of almost 2,700 club members, but the club’s authorities believe it could be even higher. The only thing stopping them is the state’s miniature games of chance. (PennLive)


4. What do you mean

  • Pennsylvania must ensure that all ballots are counted on Election Day. (Representative Bryan Cutler)
  • Republicans came to Philadelphia to judge black voters – and instead started insulting them instead. (Jenice Armstrong)
  • Return some of Pennsylvania’s surplus to the people – but not too much. (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)
  • Americans know how to separate decency from fraud. (Marek S. Singel)
  • The governor’s education budget is obvious. (Dr. Susan Boser)
  • In Erie Co. Both sides support mail-in voting – here’s how to make it better. (Kyle Foust)
  • Trump escalates violent rhetoric after conviction – and the GOP simply ignores it. (Chris Brennan)
1 item

5. Protection of Buckingham Palace

The Phanatic has landed and looks like it's aligning with the people of London 💂🇬🇧⚾️ (via Tucker Bagley on Twitter)

The best mascot in sports!

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