July 10: #StateBudgetAfterDark

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🗓️ What’s happening todayBoth the House of Representatives and the Senate meet at 11:00 AM.

👂 What do we hear. “The Republican vice presidential candidate’s first order of business, besides raising money, will be parking in Pennsylvania to try to take Biden’s biggest blue wall state.” Does that move Ohio Senator J.D. Vance to the top of the list?

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The best story

1. The presidential battle could affect control of state capitals

“Two undecided districts in a undecided county could decide which party controls the House of Representatives in the swing state of Pennsylvania, one of several where key legislative battles are being played out in the shadow of the presidential campaign.

Democrat Brian Munroe and a republican Joe Hogan were elected nearly two years ago to districts in the northern Philadelphia suburbs, winning by 515 and 76 votes, respectively, out of more than 30,000 ballots cast.

This year’s election is one of dozens across the country that could decide party control of state capitals and, ultimately, who sets public policy on such contentious issues as abortion, guns and transgender rights.” (AP)


Harris to visit Philadelphia on Saturday as Biden campaign tries to rebound. “Vice President Kamala Harris will deliver the opening remarks at the Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote Presidential Town Hall in Philadelphia on Saturday.” (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)

Reader Poll: Should President Joe Biden Resign? “What do you think? As of 6:40 a.m., 44 percent say he shouldn’t, while 42 percent say he should because of his age and diminishing ability to do the job. Another 14 percent say he should go because he can’t beat Donald Trump. Our unscientific poll will be open until Friday morning at 7 a.m..” (PoliticsPA)

On Those ‘Black Jobs’: Biden Administration Shows Better Track Record for Black Cabinet Leaders Than Trump“As former President and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump tries to court black voters who feel disillusioned with President Joe Biden’s administration, it’s important to note that Trump’s concept of ‘black jobs’ does not include senior positions in his administration.” (Philadelphia Grandstand)

McCormick invested in Chinese fentanyl before campaigning to ban it“Dave McCormick says he wants to stop Chinese-made fentanyl from flowing into the country, but tax forms show his hedge fund invested $1.7 million in China’s largest producer of synthetic opiates.” (Cornerstone)


2. Late-night delay in Pennsylvania House committee hearing sparks budget anger

Seth Grove

“A top Republican lawmaker on Tuesday night accused House Democratic leadership of mismanaging the budget process as the business portion of a key committee meeting was delayed until late in the evening. It was unclear whether that represented a setback for budget negotiations.

“It’s disrespectful. It’s irresponsible,” he said. Representative Seth GroveR-York and minority chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. “The working environment on the House Appropriations Committee has never been worse.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)


Pennsylvania House of Representatives keeps Budget Committee hearings open until early morning“In an unusual series of events, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives Appropriations Committee began meeting Tuesday evening at 8:30 a.m. and ended Wednesday just before 1 a.m. — despite no action.” (PennLive)

Fair education funding remains a central sticking point in Pennsylvania’s budget talks“Republican proposal to use alternative poverty data draws backlash from education equity advocates.” (Penn Capital-Star)

PA may offer school districts money to ban cellphones“While the bill does not impose a statewide ban, it would launch a pilot program that would allow schools to purchase secure, lockable bags with state funds and would require participating districts to ban cellphone use during the school day.” (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)

Around the Commonwealth of Nations

3. In majority-Latino Pennsylvania, a city is seizing the opportunity to influence the 2024 election.

City of Reading, PA

“Religion and politics often intertwine in Reading, an old industrial town in one of the key swing states in this year’s presidential election.

There is an early precedent for this kind of thing in Pennsylvania. The state began as a refuge for Quakers and other European religious minorities fleeing persecution. This includes parents Daniel Boonea national folk hero born just a few miles from Reading, a town that is now majority Latino.” (AP)


Walsh to appeal ballot ruling to state Supreme Court; Election Commission to count provisional ballots Friday“Jamie Walsh, a Republican candidate for the 117th District seat in the state House of Representatives, announced Tuesday that he will appeal a Commonwealth Court ruling on two provisional votes from the April 23 primary to the state Supreme Court.” (Voice of the Citizens)

How the population of Philadelphia’s suburbs has changed since 2020“Overall, the eight-county Greater Philadelphia region lost 0.2% of its population between 2020 and 2023. But that modest decline was not felt equally.” (“Philadelphia Inquirer”)

2024 Election Dictionary“It’s the middle of campaign season, and a ton of bureaucratic deadlines are being thrown at us about the election process. As part of WITF’s voter-centric election coverage, we want to help you understand what politicians, pollsters, and pundits are saying.” (WITF)


4. What do you mean

  • Democrats and the media must share the blame for covering up the extent of Biden’s fall. (Jennifer Stefano)
  • Trump’s second American revolution will undo the first. (Gene Collier)
  • The failure of the Pennsylvania Legislature to pass a budget is harming our children and their schools. (Brian Siatkowski)
  • And here we go again. (Andy Bloom)
  • How can we protect students and staff from last-minute closures of colleges and universities. (Representatives Bob Merski and Ben Waxman)
1 thing

5. PA says “Let Freedom Ring” on recent signs and boards

Pennsylvania's new license plate features the Liberty Bell

Pennsylvania license plates and highway welcome signs are getting a recent look with a familiar symbol in a nod to the upcoming 250th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

“Let freedom ring” is the main theme of the project presented on Tuesday by Governor Josh Shapiro“intended to complement Pennsylvania’s Great American Getaway tourism brand, launched in late May, and to recognize the state’s leading role in celebrating the United States’ sesquicentennial in 2026.” (CNHI News)

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