John Fetterman’s fight against the left is no longer just about Israel

Sen. John Fetterman’s audacity toward progressives went beyond the topic of Israel.

Fetterman was the subject of a long article published by the New York Times. on Saturday, which highlighted how the senator, who was on slender ice with progressives because of his staunch and unconditional support for Israel in its war against Hamas, showed that his desire to make waves within his own party does not end in the Middle East.

In a video that circulated online earlier this month, Fetterman was seen taunting environmentalist Stevie O’Hanlon who tried to talk to him about the pipeline in Chester County. Fetterman dismissed her, recorded her and made sarcastic comments.

“I’ve talked to Republicans who are much friendlier,” O’Hanlon told the New York Times. “The person we voted for is not someone who mocks voters when they raise concerns.”

Progressives have argued that Fetterman abandoned the left because of his forceful support for Israel, but the senator in an interview earlier this year insisted in the first place that he was never a progressive.

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“Even before elementary school, I thought, ‘I’m not a progressive.’ It’s just weird why people want to ignore it. “This is not new news,” he told The Inquirer in January.

Prior to Fetterman’s 2022 Senate run, former lieutenant governor and Mayor of Bradock had he called himself a progressive. But during the campaign this year, he described himself as “just a Democrat.”

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Fetterman’s political shift has accelerated since Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and Israel’s subsequent attack on Gaza, during which the brash senator more aggressively rejected the label and top advisers left his team.

According to the New York Times, longtime political adviser Rebecca Katz recently left his team, and his former chief of staff Adam Jentleson resigned last month to Instead serve as outside counsel to Fetterman.

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All three of his top communications staffers left several months ago, and two of them left for undoubtedly progressive political positions. Joe Cavello, who left Volfor a job for Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, praised Johnson as a “true progressive.” Nick Gavio went to work for the Working Families Party.

A third communications staffer, Emma Mustion, went to work on the campaign of Senator Bob Casey, Fetterman’s more level-headed counterpart.

But even though Fetterman lost employees and supporters, that’s exactly what happened gained respect from the right that once mocked him, and is invited to speak at Democratic Party events across the country.

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He has also been praised by Israel’s supporters and is scheduled to receive a high honor from Yeshiva University at Wednesday’s school commencement, the final award given to the inventor of Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system.

Overall, public opinion about Fetterman in Pennsylvania is divided, according to a poll by The Inquirer, the New York Times and Siena College.

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However, it is possible that he will break off relations with his former allies, such as US Republican Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who previously supported him in the Senate elections.

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The senator seemed to mock A heat exchange on the first floor of the house such a statement was made by U.S. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, hurling insults over the appearance of U.S. Republican Jasmine Crockett, a Texas Democrat. U.S. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez joined the confrontation to defend Crockett.

“In the past, I have described the House of Representatives as “The Jerry Springer Show.” Today I apologize to “The Jerry Springer Show” – Fetterman sent on X about the argument.

Annie Wu Henry, former Fetterman campaign staffer who ran his TikTok and later worked for Ocasio-Cortez, was shot saying: “In the past, I have described the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate race as one where we voted for a candidate with empathy and character. Today I apologize to everyone who also thought so.”

Similarly, Ocasio-Cortez appeared to call Fetterman a bully in response to his joke about Jerry Springer.

Ocasio-Cortez said she had no comment when asked Thursday about Fetterman’s personality change and replied: “It’s up to the people of Pennsylvania.” – The New York Times reported.

Asked for comment on Fetterman’s assessment start fights on the left, senator’s spokeswoman Carrie Adams pointed to a CNN video in which Fetterman called the bullying accusation “absurd” and said it was a response to the general chaos in the House. Adams also pointed out WSJ the article in which it was presented.

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