Fun with Maps II: Sunday’s road to the GOP AG nomination

Dave’s Sunday is the Republican Party’s unofficial candidate for Pennsylvania’s attorney general, winning more than 7 out of 10 votes cast in the primary election.

The Pennsylvania Republican Party’s endorsed candidate, York County District Attorney, received 70.38 percent of the vote, easily defeating Rep. Craig Williams (R-Chester/Delaware). In fact, Sunday won 66 of the state’s 67 counties, falling miniature of the total because Delaware County voted for its native son.

  1. David Sunday, 618,057 (70.38%)
  2. Craig Williams, 260,058 (29.62%)

PoliticsPA created an interactive map of the total votes received by Sunday and Williams by percentage to show how the 67 counties cast their ballots on Tuesday.

A map showing the breakdown of the Democratic candidates can be found here.

Comparing vote distributions and maps, and considering that Sunday represents south central PA, while the Democrat Eugene DePasquale represents Allegheny County, it is becoming clear that NEPA and Philadelphia counties will decide who will be the Commonwealth’s next top cop.

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