Congressman Scott Perry posts, then deletes, an anti-Semitic meme on his campaign Facebook account.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R., Pa.) posted, then deleted: anti-semitic meme on his Facebook campaign page last week, according to a report in Jewish Insider.

According to the Jewish Insider, a far-right Republican congressman posted a photo showing a group of stereotypically Jewish bankers with hooked noses sitting around a Monopoly board placed on the backs of naked people.

One of the bankers is depicted with a chunky beard, traditionally associated with devout Jews, and the game board is partially covered in green dollar bills.

“If people stop… game over,” reads the caption under the image.

Perry’s campaign responded by saying, “Says it all…” in a post sharing a photo that includes several common anti-Semitic metaphors.

Perry’s campaign deleted the Facebook post last Friday after Jewish Insider asked for comment, the news agency reported.

“After receiving media inquiries, learning the history of the image, and contacting several members of the Jewish community (some familiar with it and some not) with serious concerns that it was perceived as anti-Semitic, we immediately removed it,” a campaign spokesperson said in an email Tuesday.

Aidan Johnson, a spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, described the incident as part of a broader pattern of harmful speech.

Perry continues to “spread disgusting, harmful conspiracy theories, proving once again that he is unfit for office,” Johnson said.

Democrat Janelle Stelson is challenging Perry in the Central Pennsylvania election. Perry’s 10th Congressional District includes Dauphin County and parts of York and Cumberland counties.

The meme, shared by Perry’s campaign, was taken from the “Freedom of Humanity” mural painted in London by American graffiti artist Kalen Ockerman, according to the BBC. The mural – widely condemned as anti-Semitic – was removed in 2012, but has also been shared by other conservative politicians in the United States, according to Jewish Insider.

Earlier this year, during a closed-door meeting on anti-Semitism, Perry falsely claimed that the Ku Klux Klan was an offshoot of the Democratic Party and appeared to defend the Great Replacement Theory — the white nationalist belief that white people are being intentionally replaced by minorities and immigrants in the U.S. and Europe.

“The replacement theory is true,” Perry said in audio obtained by CNN. “They added white to it to stop everyone talking about it.”

Perry became a national political figure in 2020 when he tried to strip Trump of electoral votes to keep him in the White House.

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