Casey’s new campaign coalition focuses on older voters in Pennsylvania

Democratic U.S. Senator Bob Casey’s campaign is launching a new initiative aimed at attracting older voters who will reliably show up at the polls and who may prove key in the up-and-down race in the 2024 elections.

The Seniors for Casey Coalition, first shared with Capital-Star, brings together more than 100 seniors from across the Commonwealth, including former Governor Ed Rendell, former Philadelphia Mayor John Street and former SEIU Vice President Rosemary Trump internationally.

His campaign told the Capital-Star that advocating for seniors in Pennsylvania is a top priority for Casey and touted his record of advancing legislation that benefits seniors.

“This coalition will help ensure that his priorities for seniors are shared across the state from now until Election Day through events, outreach, organizing and conversations in their communities,” Maddy McDaniel, a spokeswoman for Senate President Bob Casey, told the Capital-Star. “Senator Casey has championed seniors’ issues throughout his time in the Senate, and this coalition is just another way he’s bringing seniors’ attention to his work.”

Casey, who is seeking a fourth term in the U.S. Senate, serves as Senate president Special Committee on Aging. His campaign highlights Casey’s efforts to lower costs and protect seniors fraud and financial exploitation, holding company long-term care facilities responsible for and protecting Social Security and Medicare. He was too approved By National Committee to Protect Social Security and Medicareleftist group of supporters.

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Seniors have played a key role in Casey’s re-election in the past, but recent polls show him neck and neck with Republican challenger David McCormick in this group of voters. Some AARP of Pennsylvania A statewide election survey released on May 7 showed Casey leading McCormick by 4 points among voters 18 and older, and McCormick leading Casey by 1 point among voters 50 and older.

During Casey’s last re-election in 2018 for then-GOP U.S. Rep. Lou Barletta Casey won the voters 50-64 by 5 points and defeated Barletta with voters 65 and older by 17 points. In total, he won the election by 13 points.

Pennsylvania has one of the largest population of seniors among battlefield countries. Casey isn’t the only candidate for office looking to ensure victory for older voters. Bloomberg Report President Joe Biden’s campaign has courted this group of voters by holding bingo games in key states and running ads during programs with enormous older audiences such as The Price is Right.

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