Carol Murphy uses Phil Murphy’s campaign photo in the New Jersey congressional race

There’s no shortage of Murphys in New Jersey, which is convenient for Burlington County Assemblywoman Carol Murphy.

She remains the first woman to represent South Jersey in Congress in the five-person Democratic primary to replace U.S. Senate candidate Andy Kim.

Carol Murphy sent out a mailer with a photo of herself surrounded by women holding signs with the Planned Parenthood “Women for Murphy” logo, shared by astute user X. There was a similar photo on her campaign websitebut it was REMOVED after Clout held out his hand.

But women didn’t support Carol Murphy. They supported New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who is not related to Carol. (Phil Murphy’s campaign declined to comment.)

Carol Murphy spokeswoman Emily Dalgleish confirmed the signs were for Phil and were from a 2018 event. She said the campaign would have included them even if the officers didn’t have the same surname, and argued they were related to Carol Murphy’s work with the Phil Murphy administration on reproductive rights.

She said that “opposition to two people having the same surname is nothing more than disingenuous politics that voters have grown tired of.”

Carol Murphy’s biggest competition, Assemblyman Herb Conaway, said she should apologize.

“It is shocking that Carol Murphy’s campaign sought to deceive voters into thinking she had the support of groups that did not support her,” Conaway said.

Maybe she can find Eddie Murphy fans to take photos with for her next mailing.

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