April 22: Countdown to Primary Day

✡️ Monday, Monday. The last day of the 2024 primary campaign. And “chag Pesach sameach” for those who celebrate, because today is the first night of Passover.

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Sports PA
🏀 Sixers (0-1) | New York 104-111 | Mon. vs. New York
⚾ Pirates (11-11) | Boston 1-6 | Mon-Thurs vs. Milwaukee
⚾ Phillies (14-8) | Chicago White Sox 8-2 | Mon-Thurs vs. Cincinnati

Happy birthday. Cake and candles for Rep. Sheryl Delozier.

Today’s Springsteen lyrics. “Tonight I feel the cold wind on my back, I fly high above the gray fields, my feathers are long and black, Along the silent river bank I soar, I’m looking for my beautiful prize” – My lovely reward

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The best story

1. The Jewish vote could play a huge role in 2024. Pennsylvania will soon conduct an early test

“Conversations with more than 30 political strategists, activists and voters showed how this tension has put Jewish voters in an unfamiliar place ahead of the 2024 elections: on the front lines of the fight for control of the White House and Congress. Nowhere is this more evident than in Pennsylvania, the swing state with the largest Jewish population – approximately 300,000 Jews of voting age in the state President Joe Biden she won by about 80,000 votes in 2020.

Moreover, the congressional district that includes Squirrel Hill holds primary elections on Tuesday, which is one of the first electoral tests of sentiment on both sides of the conflict in Gaza and concerns about growing anti-Semitism in the US Democratic Party Rep. Summer Leea progressive affiliate of the “Squad” that is critical of Israel’s handling of the war and one of the first lawmakers to call for a ceasefire last year will face Bhavini Patel, an Edgewood City Council member who called Lee’s endorsement “detrimental to Biden’s re-election chances and inconsistent with her district.” (NBC News)


How progressive ceasefire advocate Summer Lee crushed opposition ahead of her Pennsylvania primary. “The freshman congresswoman from western Pennsylvania kicked out a regional political family on her way to the House in 2018, then poured millions in outside spending, almost all of it from pro-Israel groups, to win the Democratic nomination and a seat in Congress two years ago.”CNN)

Casey discusses campaign goals, issues, McCormick. “On Saturday afternoon, Senator Bob Casey Jr. “he spoke on a variety of topics, including his legislative achievements, his performance on behalf of Pennsylvania, and comments on his Republican opponent Dave McCormick.” (PoliticsPA)

  • Protesters calling for a ceasefire in Gaza interrupt Senator Bob Casey’s visit to Lancaster City. (LNP)

The Republican Party Senate candidate says he grew up on a family farm. Not exactly. “David McCormick often spoke of his humble upbringing on a farm in Pennsylvania. A close look at his past tells a different story. (New York Times)

Missing Pennsylvania: McCormick is looking for a change in the fight for a key Senate seat. “For McCormick, the race is a chance to learn from the 2022 midterm elections, when Republicans lost an open Senate seat to Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) in a controversial primary that divided the national GOP. ”(Washington Examiner)

PA-10: Pennsylvania race showcases Democrats’ plan to focus campaign on democracy. “Tuesday’s competitive Democratic primary provides a taste of how Democrats intend to make democracy a central issue in competitive races for seats like (Scott) Perry’s, which could help take control of the narrowly divided U.S. House.” (Washington Post Office)


2. Five races to watch in the Pennsylvania primary

Representative Brian Fitzpatrick

“Pennsylvania will be one of the most closely watched states in November, with a high-profile Senate race and competitive House seats, not to mention being a key presidential battleground.

But there are only a handful of races in Tuesday’s primary election. Only three House incumbents will face primary challengers as voters in two battleground districts choose candidates in November.” (Roll call)


The Republican defense of “Biden 16” districts begins with the Pennsylvania primary. “(Mark) Houck’s campaign to unseat fourth-term Republican Brian Fitzpatrick in Tuesday’s primary could provide clues about Republican sentiment in swing districts in one of the most volatile White House races in years.” (AP)

Biden was close in Pennsylvania. He hopes it will facilitate him win. “From his childhood home in Scranton to the union hall to Wawa, Joe Biden is prioritizing smaller, more intimate campaign breaks as he campaigns against Donald Trump.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

  • Biden’s tender polling among adolescent voters shows a “great record” needs to be highlighted, Shapiro says. (Pittsburgh Postal Newspaper)

Despite initial concerns, automatic voter registration numbers are evenly split. “With the 2024 Pennsylvania presidential primary just days away, the numbers belie any GOP concerns about this measure, which strongly supports Democratic efforts.” (PoliticsPA)

By running for state treasurer, Bizzarro aims to give Erie a broader statewide voice. “It has been a while since an Erie County resident ran for statewide office and won. In fact, the last person to do so was former Gov. Tom Ridge, who won the governor’s office in 1995. But state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, a Democrat, hopes to beat the odds this year.” (Erie Times-News)

Perry is the only AP House member to vote against aid to both Israel and Ukraine. “U.S. Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican, voted against aid for Israel and Ukraine on Saturday as enough Republicans joined Democrats to push stalled legislation through the House.” (PennLive)

Around the Republic of Poland

3. ‘Long-term followers’ vs. ‘fresh vision’: Voters predict a tie between Cutler and Nissley on Tuesday

Headshots of State Representative Bryan Cutler (left) and Dave Nissley (right)

“Not many Lancaster County politicians have heard of this Dave Nissley last year when he launched his primary campaign against the state Representative Bryan CutlerRepublican leader in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The Sadsbury Township businessman has never run for office and has no affiliation with the county’s Republican Party.

Now Nissley’s name appears on roadside billboards and yard signs throughout the Southern End district, which Cutler has represented since 2007, even in its furthest reaches on the border of Chester County and Maryland. (LNP)


A Chester County GOP lawsuit could prevent some absentee ballots from being counted in Tuesday’s primary election. “In a complaint filed Thursday in Chester County Common Pleas Court, the Chester County Republican Committee asked a judge to block the county from counting ballots if they were returned by a single agent to multiple residents of a long-term care facility — potentially invalidating those ballots for several days before the state primary.” (Questioner from Philadelphia)

A preview of voting headaches south of Pittsburgh. “A dramatic meeting of Washington County commissioners Thursday night over mail-in voting highlighted the tension between Pennsylvania’s historic respect for local government and the need for uniform regulations and guidance from the General Assembly.” (Central Square)

The Black Voters Matter bus tour that will pass through PA in front of the elementary school will stop in Harrisburg. “In the coming days, Black Voters Matter will bring the ‘blackest bus in America’ to Harrisburg and other Pennsylvania cities to rally voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary elections.” (PennLive)

Basic PA House Announcements (PolitykaPA)


4. What do you mean

  • City of Burnt Bridges: Ed Gainey Isolated Pittsburgh. (Brandon McGinley)
  • Sending PA National Guard members to the Mexican border could put Pennsylvanians at risk. (Cam Purse)
  • Don’t worry about Democrats who won’t vote for Joe Biden. (Adriana E. Ramirez)
  • If you haven’t mailed in your ballot, get to the polls on Tuesday to support our democracy. (PennLive)
1 item

5. Surprise! Bridges are becoming safer

Luzerne County Consultant now recommends replacing the Nanticoke/West Nanticoke Bridge |  News |  citizenvoice.com

“America’s bridge infrastructure – long considered dysfunctional – has been steadily improving for 20 years.

Why it matters: The share of bridges rated indigent by the federal government has fallen from 15% in 2000 to 6.8% in 2023.

🧮 By the numbers: Pennsylvania, New York and Michigan combined account for 40% of neglected bridges. One factor is the age of the bridges. Pennsylvania, which tops the list of neglected bridges, had 2,000 bridges built over 100 years ago. (Axles)

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