A bipartisan bill to protect state investments in Israel is moving through the Senate

HARRISBURGJune 27, 2024 – Senate Bill 1260, a bill aimed at protecting state investments in Israel, passed the Senate today. The bipartisan legislation is sponsored by Senators Steve Santarsiero (D-10) and Kristin Phillips-Hill (R-28) and aims to send a forceful signal that Pennsylvania stands with Israel.

“The United States and our Commonwealth have long supported Israel and the Jewish people,” said Senator Santarsiero. “Now, at a time when anti-Semitism is on the rise here at home and around the world, we must continue to stand steadfastly behind our democratic ally in the Middle East and reject calls to boycott or divest from Israel.”

Senate Bill No. 1260 would uphold Pennsylvania’s unwavering support for Israel by prohibiting Pennsylvania Treasury or Commonwealth pension fund holdings from boycotting or withdrawing from Israel or companies doing business with Israel. The bill also suspends state funding for any higher education institution that boycotts or divests from Israel.

“Our nation’s most important ally in the Middle East has been and will continue to be a key trading partner,” said Senator Phillips-Hill. “This legislation provides much-needed divestment protections in light of the rampant anti-Semitism we are seeing across the country. This does not diminish our unwavering support for the State of Israel and its people.”

The Act will not affect investment decisions made solely to improve the financial situation of funds.

Senator Santarsiero first introduced a similar bill in 2015 to prohibit the state from giving funds to any Pennsylvania university that divests from Israel.

Senate Bill 1260 will now go to the House of Representatives for consideration.


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